Mayavi Maling: Angad to manipulate Pranali and Shil Aditya

Maling spoilers

Maharaj Shil Aditya gives a secret potion to Pranali and asks her to use it every day so that she can get an entrance under the throne’s passage. He tells her that if she does the rituals carefully, she will attain the powers. He asks her not to get distracted by Kalindi. She tells him that she is waiting for Haran to return with information about Kalindi. Angad asks Madhumali not to take things easy, as Haran may create troubles for him. She asks him not to worry for anything. Angad rushes to meet Pranali. She gets surprised by his sudden behavior. Angad tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about Kalindi. He reminds her his oath and stays away from her. He tells her that she needs to trust him and prove her loyalty to him. He confronts her for trusting Haran more than him.

He scolds her for keeping things secret and misleading him. She feels sorry to hide things from him, as she has received the orders from Shil Aditya. Pranali does the rituals and applies the lotion at midnight to gain the spiritual powers of Maling. Angad gets invisible and keeps a watch on her. He gets to see the secret potion and wonders what’s that.

Angad asks Pranali about Haran. She doesn’t reveal anything about the secret task. She feels burdened as she is failing to keep up his expectations. Angad seeks her permission and tells her that he needs to go out for work. On the other hand, Chegu comes to meet Eshwarya. Eshwarya doesn’t want to meet him, but Garima brings them together. Garima asks Eshwarya not to worry about her mum. Madhumali and Angad have a fight to show everyone in Maling. He passes her the lotion bottle and asks her to find out about it.

Eshwarya and Chegu spend some time together. She feels bad that he is a tribal chief. She doesn’t wish their status differences to ruin their love. Angad meets Mandhari to gain information from her. He secretly leaves. Eshwarya tells Garima that she will help her and find the girl whom Adhivanth likes. She doesn’t learn about Adhivanth and her alliance talks. Shil Aditya gets a huge shock when he finds the lotion bottle fallen somewhere. He gets angry on Pranali for being so careless. Pranali stays clueless about the bottle theft. Angad starts manipulating to break Pranali and Shil Aditya.


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