Udaan: Naina to get smitten by Suraj’s impressive avatar


Suraj and Chakor have an emotional moment. Suraj tells her that though he will be with Naina and trap her in love, but he will always be just of Chakor. Chakor gets new clothes for him so that he can impress Naina with a new look. Suraj calls her a great woman to sacrifice so much for the nation, its not an easy task to send her husband to impress someone else. He understands that she is facing a low and still doing her duty. He cheers her up and tells her that she will be away from him, but will always stay in his heart.

Suraj plans a meet with Naina. He goes to the temple and comes across Naina. Suraj stays connected to Abhay via the bluetooth and follows the instructions. Suraj meets Naina and tries to leave an impression on her. He notices her nuances and befriends her with ease.

She gets helpful and tells him that she will take him to the address he is finding. She starts trusting him. Suraj feels she is too innocent, as he didn’t have to work hard to please her. Suraj succeeds to make a place in Colonel’s house Yashvant identifies Suraj as he has met him before. Suraj happens to bump into Naina again and again, so that he leaves his strong influence on her. Naina takes it as signs from Lord, since she is a devotional person. She likes Suraj. Suraj hopes she confides in him.


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