Ishqbaaz: Huge drama around Anika’s accusation on Daksh

Ishqbaaz huge drama

Shivay and Anika have many misunderstandings between them. Anika tells Shivay that Daksh isn’t a nice guy, he has tried to molest her the other day. Shivay doesn’t believe her. The family gets a big shock. Anika’s statement brings tension in Oberoi mansion. Shivay didn’t live up to her expectations. He disapproves her opinion about Daksh. Priyanka can’t believe that Daksh is involved in such an incident. Shivay commands her to leave the house. Dadi tells Shivay that if Anika has told this, there will be some reason. She says we don’t know the truth, but no girl will say such a thing to blame Daksh, maybe Daksh did wrong with her, or Anika is mistaken about him, she won’t lie to them this way. She says there would be something hidden from us, I don’t think Anika will come up with accusations, knowing her name will be defamed too.

He tells Dadi that Anika maybe lying. She doesn’t listen. She tells him that if Anika is saying this, then this really happened with her, its a big thing for any girl, she has no reason to lie and spoil our happiness. She shows her belief in Anika. Shivay gets in a dilemma. Anika decides to pack up and leave.

She doesn’t want Priyanka’s marriage to happen with a wrong man. She gets upset when no one believes her. Shivay doesn’t know Anika much and assumes that she wants to break Priyanka’s marriage. Priyanka falls dizzy because of choking. Anika happens to see Priyanka. She rushes to Priyanka and calls the doctor. Priyanka gets better after she gets treated. Shivay and Dadi reach Priyanka. Shivay makes Anika out. Priyanka gets conscious and asks him for Anika. She tells him that Anika is an angel for her, she has saved her life once again. Shivay feels sorry. Dadi asks Priyanka not to worry, Shivay will get Anika back. She asks Shivay to call Anika home. Shivay feels Priyanka is suffering because of Anika’s mistake. Priyanka wants to thank Anika. He obeys Dadi and agrees to call Anika since he loves Priyanka a lot. He doesn’t get convinced about Anika completely.


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