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    Jiji Maa

    Krishna Chali London:
    Krishna learns that Dubey has sold the household appliances and their buffalo to clear the debts. She gets angry that Radhe is the one who has put Dubey in debt by demanding a bike in the post marriage ritual. She didn’t wish her dad to face a financial crisis because of her marriage. She gets deeply hurt that Dubey didn’t value her dreams and got her married to Radhe, as if she was any burden on him. She goes to Radhe and scolds him for his bike demand. She asks him to attempt to work hard and earn a living for a day. She vents out anger on Radhe, which makes him try out milking the buffalo. Radhe wants to get white tea for Krishna. He lands up in cow dung. The news reaches Shukla family, who doesn’t like it at all.

    Azad/Chandra gets regretting when he loses Bhagwati in the accidental bomb blast. He vows that he will free Bhagat and others from the jail, and save them from Gainda Singh’s tortures. Bhagat pleads to Gainda to treat them like political prisoners, but even the reporter Ganesh couldn’t help him. Bhagat fails to defend himself in the court and gets a lifetime prisonment. Bhagat stays satisfied with his life. Chandra shares his plan with Durga. chandra lays a bomb wire on the railway tracks and carries out an action alone.

    Durga doesn’t cry for Bhagwati’s death and considers him a martyr. Chandra wants to get back the HSRA members so that he can plan the next action. Chandra fails to meet Gandhi ji, who makes a wrong opinion about HSRA. Gandhi ji feels Chandra has done wrong to choose the path of violence. Chandra wants to meet him and eplain that they aren’t wrong, they were helpless to carry such action to awaken the Britishers. Chandra meets Bhagat and assures him that he will rescue him before he is shifted to another jail. Bhagat doesn’t care for his life. Chandra takes a disguise of a Sardar and goes to the jail to convey his message. Chandra and Bhagat have a brief conversation. Chandra learns that Jai Gopal has become a police spy, and he is the one who got Sukhdev and Rajguru arrested. He decides to kill Jai Gopal.


    Priyanka gets excited for meeting her fiance, Daksh. She informs the family that Daksh is coming. She wakes up everyone. She finds Shivay already prepared to leave for airport and receive Daksh Kapoor. Priyanka thanks him. Shivay and Gauri make a herbal face pack for Priyanka. Gauri praises her for managing all the things single-handedly, that too with much sincerity. Gauri likes Anika’s dedication. They have a sweet sisters moment and apply the face pack to each other. Gauri wishes Anika gets married soon. Anika meets Priyanka and tells her that she has done everything. She asks Priyanka not to worry for the arrangements. She makes Priyanka ready. Priyanka likes her beauty treatments. Anika compliments Priyanka. Shivay sees Priyanka and gets emotional. He didn’t think she will leave the house so soon. He thinks of her Bidaai. He controls his tears. He tells her that he can’t tolerate to see her farewell. Anika sees their sweet moment and finds a new side of Shivay.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita and Raman fight the custody battle. Raman’s lawyer tries to prove that Ishita isn’t financially stable to look after Roshni and the child, since she lives in a rented house. She tells that she can manage the expenses of Roshni’s medical aid. The lawyer tells that Raman is financially secure, he can raise the child well. He proves that Ishita’s income isn’t stable and she can never plan the child’s education and future. He asks the judge to give the verdict in Raman’s favor. He tells that Raman is also concerned for Roshni. Ishita tells that Roshni isn’t safe in Raman’s house, its about her security more than financial security. Simmi helps out Raman by testifying in his favor. She tells the judge that Raman has saved Roshni’s life when she was kidnapped from Ishita’s house. She feels Ishita can put Roshni’s life in danger. She wants to get the heir.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik questions Kirti about her sudden arrival. She tells him that Naksh heard about Naira’s injury and came to see her. She says I just came to meet you and Dadi, I can’t explain you anything as you don’t listen to anyone these days. She lies to him. She plans to unite Kartik and Naira. Naitik gets Manish to his house. They plan to bring Kartik and Naira together. They complain about the changes seen in Kartik and Naira. They wish that Kartik and Naira sort their differences and get together. They want to try hard once Kartik and Naira show some sign of reconciliation. Naksh and Kirti meet Naitik and Manish, and conspire to bring KaiRa together. Naksh tells Naira that Kirti is with Kartik. Naira and Kartik team up to celebrate Naksh and Kirti’s anniversary.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Shil Aditya tells Pranali about the magical potion which contains a big secret of Maling. Madhumali gets to hear everything. She spies on them to know more about the potion. Shil Aditya explains the importance of the potion. He tells her that she will get strength and powers by regularly rinsing hands with the potion. Pranali tells him that its tough for her to hide from Angad and use the potion. Madhumali takes advantage of Arak to get the potion bottle. Haran goes on the task of finding Kalindi’s details. He falls in big trouble when Angad attacks him. Mandhari keeps Pranali engaged so that she doesn’t know about Angad’s absence. Angad shows his truth to Haran.

    Jiji Maa:

    Uttara fools Falguni and acts like she has saved the latter from a snake. Falguni gets proud of Uttara and believes in her more. Uttara gets a huge shock when she finds more snakes in the room. Falguni and Uttara shout for help.

    Niyati goes to help them and throws off the snakes. Falguni tells Uttara that Niyati is more brave and saved them by throwing the snakes. Niyati gets happy when Falguni hugs her. She outdoes Uttara in her own planning. Falguni wishes to wear Uttara’s saree.

    Suyash helps her out and drapes her the saree. They have a moment. Suyash and Niyati succeed in bonding with Falguni. Uttara figures out the camera in her room and understands that Niyati is spying on her. She confronts Niyati for spying on her this way. She scolds Niyati for acting helpless in front of her. Niyati tells her that she just wants to protect Falguni. Uttara tells Niyati that she has cheated her well. She threatens Niyati and reminds Falguni’s state. Niyati is sure that Falguni will recover soon. She challenges Uttara. Niyati calls doctor home for Falguni’s treatment. She shares that she has befriended Falguni. Suyash makes a plan to help Falguni recall the past. He plans a puppet show. Uttara learns the past and plans to fail them.


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