Mayavi Maling: Angad to strike Haran by revealing his demonic side


Shil Aditya tells Pranali about the magical potion which contains a big secret of Maling. Madhumali gets to hear everything. She spies on them to know more about the potion. Shil Aditya explains the importance of the potion. He tells her that she will get strength and powers by regularly rinsing hands with the potion. Pranali tells him that its tough for her to hide from Angad and use the potion. Madhumali takes advantage of Arak to get the potion bottle. Haran goes on the task of finding Kalindi’s details. He falls in big trouble when Angad attacks him. Mandhari keeps Pranali engaged so that she doesn’t know about Angad’s absence. Angad shows his truth to Haran.

Haran gets a big shock on knowing that Angad is a demon. He fears for Pranali who got cheated by Angad. Angad doesn’t want to spare Haran. Haran surrenders to his king. Angad asks Haran what did he find about Kalindi. He accepts all the lies and tells Haran that Kalindi is his mother Madhumali. Haran can’t believe it.

Angad scares him of a terrible death. He exhibits his powers in front of Haran. Angad freezes Haran in an attempt to kill him. Pranali stays busy in rescuing Pratap. Kalindi tricks Arak and asks him to get the bottle. He asks her if stealing is good. She tells him that this is just a game and he has to prove his capabilities by doing this task. Arak agrees to steal the potion. He takes disguise and enters Pranali’s room. Will Pranali learn Angad’s crime? Keep reading.


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