Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Lovely to become Sikandar’s surprising support


Sikandar comes home in a drunken state. He scolds Kulfi. She decides to leave the truth. Bebe learns about her decision and runs to stop her, knowing Kulfi is Sikandar’s daughter. Bebe fails to stop Kulfi and suffers from a minor attack. Kulfi runs to Bebe and rushes her to the hospital with difficulty. Kulfi saves Bebe’s life by her innocent and emotional speech. Doctor witnesses this. Doctor treats Bebe. He then calls Sikandar and informs him about Bebe. Sikandar, Mohendar and Lovely learn about Kulfi saving Bebe’s life. Sikandar hugs and thanks Kulfi. He gets indebted to her. Lovely’s dad gets determined to ruin Sikandar.

Lovely surprises Sikandar by becoming his support. She saves him from her dad’s hatred. Sikandar gets Bebe home. He gets happy when Amyra responds well to Kulfi and hugs. Lovely’s dad tells them that he won’t let Sikandar get any new work and fail his career.

Sikandar admits that Lovely’s dad shaped his career. Sikandar tells Lovely that he will handle his career on his own, he doesn’t need her dad’s help now. He learns that he has lost a big singing change in a movie. He gets sad. Lovely hugs Sikandar and pacifies him emotionally. Sikandar starts believing Lovely. Sikandar hopes everything gets fine for him and Kulfi. He wants Kulfi to get success and recognition. Sikandar gets his old book which he gifted to Nimrat. He fails to realize the truth, upon hearing loud music played by Amyra. The big secret gets hidden again. Kulfi will begin her search for her father. Will she unite with Sikandar? Keep reading.


  1. Dont like the exploitation of a child…This storyline needs to change..Sending the wrong message about how poor people are at the mercy of rich….smh


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