Jiji Maa: Falguni to unveil Rawat’s will to Suyash

Jiji Maa: Suyash to conceal his critical illness

Uttara plans a new drama. She emotionally blackmails Falguni. Uttara tells her that Yamraj is coming to take her, he can take anyone else instead her. Falguni tells her that she will go instead her, she can sacrifice her life. Falguni cries for her and hugs. Uttara drives her to attempt suicide. She wants to show Niyati that Falguni is in her control completely. She wants to get rid of Falguni by fooling her emotionally. Falguni blames herself for Uttara’s state. She attempts suicide. She tries to cut her wrist. Niyati stops her in the nick of time. Uttara watches her happily. Niyati asks Uttara not to harm Falguni. Falguni asks Niyati to leave her, else Yamraj will take Uttara. Uttara asks them not to fight, she will go with Yamraj. Falguni shouts no, I will go. Niyati throws away the knife and saves Falguni. Uttara tells Falguni that Yamraj is great, he has spared their lives seeing our love, he got happy and let us stay together. She hugs Falguni. She shocks Niyati by her drama. She sends Falguni to go and thank Lord. Falguni goes to temple. Uttara shows her true colours to Niyati and tells her that she can’t save Falguni.

On the other hand, Suyash gets some important documents while Falguni plays with the paper planes. Suyash checks the documents. Uttara gets worried when Suyash reads the property and will papers. Jayant asks him the matter. Uttara sheds tears in front of them. Falguni consoles her.

Uttara justifies why she has hidden the will from everyone till now. She tells Suyash that she didn’t wish Vidhaan and Suyash to have a fight for property. Suyash tells her that he will name all the property to Vidhaan, he doesn’t want anything. He shows a big heart. Suyash tells Uttara that he will always believe her, he can never doubt on her. He wants to give away all the property and business to Vidhaan. He calls the lawyer to name everything to Vidhaan. Uttara gets happy that her plan worked.


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