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    Jiji Maa

    Jiji Maa:
    Doctor checks Falguni and tells Suyash and Niyati that Falguni will get fine if they keep her happy. He asks them not to give any stress to Falguni. Niyati and Suyash try to find ways to make Falguni happy. Suyash tells Vidhaan that he can’t take any extreme step that an affect Falguni’s mind. Niyati tells Suyash that they can plan a puppet show, which is Falguni’s favorite. She hopes that Falguni will connect with it and try to recollect the past. Falguni gets sash for Uttara. Uttara makes Niyati jealous and tells how Falguni has become her puppet. She gets a shock when Falguni gets best friend sash for Niyati. Niyati tells Falguni that she has planned a surprise for her. She makes Falguni happy and hopes she recovers.

    Uttara wants to stop Falguni from watching the puppet show. Falguni and Suyash have a sweet moment. He laughs on her innocence. Suyash wants her to get fine soon. She gets ready for seeing Niyati’s surprise. Niyati and Suyash sketch the puppet show story so that Falguni can see her life’s incidents.

    Uttara drops some oil on the floor to make Falguni fall down. Niyati turns into Falguni’s savior again. Niyati takes Falguni and shows the puppet show, which reminds Falguni about her childhood. Niyati waits for Falguni to react. Suyash also reminds Falguni their love story. Suyash revisits his love story via the puppet show. Falguni gets a shock when Uttara reminds her Gayatri’s death. Falguni goes out of control. Suyash calls the doctor for treating Falguni. Doctor scolds them for showing the bad memories to Falguni and traumatizing her again. He alerts them that this can be dangerous for Falguni’s life. The puppet show artist puts the blame on Niyati and traps her. Uttara plans to separate Niyati from everyone. She instigates Falguni to leave the house.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita saves Roshni and herself from the accident. They happen to meet Shantanu. They get surprised. He learns about Roshni’s pregnancy and congratulates her. Raman meets Ishita and scolds her for being so careless and risking Roshni’s life. Shantanu defends Ishita and tells Raman that he is Roshni’s ex-fiance. Raman tries to throw him out. Ishita stops Raman and asks him to leave. She tells about the changed relations to Shantanu. She tells why Bhallas want the child, as its their heir. She tells him that she is close to lose the case on financial grounds. He offers her help. He doesn’t reveal how he will make her win the case. She agrees to take his help to get the child.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik and Naira check some hotels. They argue and don’t select any venue. Kartik asks Naira if her taste got bad. She taunts that her taste is really bad and she has realized it now. They have their regular arguments on the way. She tells him that they will get separated and finish their work so that everything can be done on time. He asks her about her leg injury. She asks him about his drinking addiction. They both stay with their questions. They demand each other to answer first. Naira acts drunk to make Kartik realize his mistake. She tells the people that drinking is a bad habit.


    Anika gets suspicious about Daksh. She tries to tell Dadi about Daksh’s misdeed. She thinks to confirm about Daksh’s presence with Payal once. She gets tensed. Shivay tells Anika that he doesn’t like her, but if Priyanka has chosen her as the wedding planner then he will pay her all the respect, and even his family will respect her. He asks Anika to take care of all the arrangements well. He doesn’t want to tolerate anything wrong. Anika doesn’t know if Daksh is really the guy who misbehaved with her. Anika doesn’t understand to tell the truth to Oberois. She thinks it would be wrong to let Priyanka’s marriage get done with Daksh if Daksh is really wrong. Omkara tells Anika that shivay is really emotional about Priyanka, they lost their parents at a young age. He tells Anika that Shivay has raised Priyanka alone. She connects with Shivay, as she has also raised her siblings alone. She tells Omkara that she understands Shivay completely.

    Mayavi Maling:
    Arak looks for the potion bottle in Pranali’s room. He ruins the room and finally gets the bottle. He steals it and runs off. Pranali makes all the guards and servants apologize to Pratap. She stops him from hurting himself. Mandhari succeeds to keep Pranali engaged. She doesn’t let Pranali see the ropes. She gets happy to fool Pranali. Adhivanth gets troubled by the marriage alliance. He gets happy when Eshwarya meets him to talk about Garima. She feels he is a nice guy as he isn’t angry about Angad. She learns that Garima has already confessed her feelings to Adhivanth. She asks him about his marriage decision. He gets mistaken that she is willing to marry him. He tells her that he wants to marry her.

    She asks him if he has no objection. She wonders why is Garima upset with him if he loves her. She tells him that she is really happy. She runs to Garima and tells her that Adhivanth really loves her. Garima gets overjoyed. Adhivanth tells Eshwarya’s mother that Eshwarya met him and agreed for the marriage. He gives his nod for marriage. She gets too happy and hugs Eshwarya with all the blessings. Eshwarya tries to meet Chegu. She gets permission from her mother, who has a misconception about Adhivanth. Pranali finds the room ruined. She gets doubtful about Angad when she finds him missing. She gets tensed when she finds the bottle missing. Arak hands over the potion to Kalindi. Pranali searches for the potion. She gets afraid of Shil Aditya’s anger. She waits for Angad. Angad hides about Haran. Kalindi gives the potion to Angad to find out the secret.


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