Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: A new happy beginning for Ishra

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Big twists to shatter IshRa's bond

Raman and Ishita’s love will be seen again. Raman complains of back ache. Ishita asks him to have medicine. Their sweet lovely dovey arguments is back. They fight for the pillow. Raman sleeps on the cough and fights with her for extra pillow. She asks him to sleep and not ruin her sleep. He tells her that the AC isn’t working in the room, its his house and his wish, he will sleep anywhere he wants, she can’t command him. Ishita gets helpless to sleep on the ground. Simmi sees Raman sleeping on the sofa and scolds Ishita for throwing out Raman from the room. Ishita asks Simmi to listen once than calling everyone.

Simmi says Raman got his back broken up because of Ishita, does Ishita have any shame, why is she taking revenge from Raman, he already had back pain. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi to let Raman and Ishita handle the matter. Simmi does the drama. Raman then defends Ishita and tells them that he slept in the living room as the room AC isn’t working. He asks Simmi not to create a scene.

He tells them that he is absolutely fine, Ishita also slept in the living room. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to take away Parmeet and go somewhere else to live, if she really cares for Raman. Simmi gets upset with her parents. Ruhi pulls Raman’s leg and asks him to talk to Ishita. Raman tries to hide his backpain. Later, Raman and Romi get into an argument over Romi’s decision of joining the rival company. Raman asks Romi not to let their enemies get happy by their clashes. He suggests Romi to work in his company. Romi clears that he didn’t accept the offer, he just went to know about the new company. Raman doesn’t want his family to break. Ishita enjoys the sambar made by her mother. She bonds with her family.


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