Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman’s wrath to bring a new storm

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: A shocking allegation on Raman

Ishita saves Roshni and herself from the accident. They happen to meet Shantanu. They get surprised. He learns about Roshni’s pregnancy and congratulates her. Raman meets Ishita and scolds her for being so careless and risking Roshni’s life. Shantanu defends Ishita and tells Raman that he is Roshni’s ex-fiance. Raman tries to throw him out. Ishita stops Raman and asks him to leave. She tells about the changed relations to Shantanu. She tells why Bhallas want the child, as its their heir. She tells him that she is close to lose the case on financial grounds. He offers her help. He doesn’t reveal how he will make her win the case. She agrees to take his help to get the child.

Ishita and Raman meet in the court. Shantanu tells Ishita that he has found a way to get the child custody. Shantanu makes a shocking revelation and tells the court that the case is baseless, as the child belongs to him. He reveals that he has fathered Roshni’s child.

This shocks Raman the most. The Bhallas can’t believe it. Even Ishita and Roshni get moved by Shantanu’s big lie. Shantanu claims that child belongs to him, not Adi. Raman loses his cool and doubts that Ishita is making him lie. Ishita tells Roshni that she isn’t aware of anything. Roshni gets embarrassed. Shantanu tells Raman that Ishita and Roshni aren’t at fault, he has decided this to save the baby. He scolds Raman for troubling Roshni when she is close to her delivery. Bhallas get upset with Ishita.

Ishita and Roshni confront Shantanu for his lie. Ishita asks Shantanu how could he blame Roshni this way, he has made the situation worse for them. She doesn’t like his mode of help. She vents out anger on him. Shantanu explains him that if he didn’t say this, Raman would have snatched baby from Roshni. He justifies that his lie isn’t wrong, as he did this for a good cause. He asks Ishita to realize the realities and take a decision. He tells them that he has no other way.

Roshni agrees with Shantanu and tells Ishita that they have to keep the lie. Ishita gives her approval. Shantanu tells the court that he was into a relationship with Roshni and knew about her pregnancy, so he decided to marry her, but Adi kidnapped her and took her away. Shantanu asks the judge to give the child’s custody to Roshni. Simmi tells Raman that they can get Roshni’s DNA test and prove that its Adi’s child. Raman agrees with her. He tells the family that they have to do the DNA test without informing Ishita.

He doesn’t want to get Roshni’s consent. He asks Ruhi not to let Ishita know about his plans. Simmi wants to complicate the situation. Ishita tells Roshni that Raman will bring a storm in their lives, he will never take this thing lightly. Raman tells his plans to Mr. Bhalla. He makes Ishita engaged in work so that he can take Roshni for the medical tests. Ishita learns about Raman’s move and strongly opposes him. She admits that its Adi’s child and stops Raman from conducting the DNA test.


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