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Ishqbaaz: Shivay-Anika to spy and find Daksh’s truth


Shivay and Anika decide to spy on Daksh. Shivay refuses to accept the allegations on Daksh before, but on Dadi’s insistence, he agrees to find the truth, as its about Priyanka’s entire life. He wants Priyanka to be happy. He gets convinced that Anika would not be completely wrong. He sees Anika’s struggles and believes that she isn’t a liar. He falls in her words and goes with her to spy on Daksh. He gets helpless to believe her after whatever he finds at Payal’s house. He finds Daksh with Payal. He gets close to get a clue against Daksh. Shivay and Anika hide and try to gather evidence to expose Daksh. Shivay wants to make sure that Priyanka’s future is safe. He doesn’t want to take any chance.

Anika tells him that she also wants Priyanka to stay happy, she would never lie such a thing ever. Shivay holds her and hides her from Daksh. They have a moment. They see Daksh leaving for Lonavla. Anika tells him that she will go alone by bus or auto.

Shivay asks her why does she not want to come with him, he is going by car and she can accompany him. She is scared of his anger and asks him to go. Their opinions have a clash now. He asks her if he will follow the bus and reach her, what if they miss out Daksh or get caught. She tells him that she will be secure in the bus. He gets a chance to taunt her. He asks her to sit in the car, since its day time, if she is so scared of him, why did she come in his room at night. He calls her stubborn and gets upset that she is suspecting on his character. She realizes that her rejection is upsetting him. He calls her really crazy. She leaves her adamancy and goes to sit in the car. Shivay and Anika leave for Lonavla and follow Daksh to know his truth. They will be coming close on their first ever journey. Will they find Daksh’s truth and stop Priyanka’s wedding? Keep reading.



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