Kumkum Bhagya: Aaliya to humiliate Pragya; King to befriend Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya Anniversary party twists lined

King praises Abhi in front of Pragya for saving everyone risking his life and says he is respecting him now. Pragya worries for Abhi without knowing he is unconscious in the hospital. Tanu acts good with Dadi and assures that everything will be happy. Dadi scolds her. Doctor informs them that he can have internal bleeding and says nobody can meet him. Aaliya decides to get best doctor for him. Pragya gets Aaliya’s number from Tarun and calls her. Aaliya bursts her anger on Pragya, blaming her for Dadi’s death. She tells her that Abhi is unconscious in the hospital as he went back to save her. She calls her inauspicious and asks what connection you are searching. Pragya shouts at her.

Aaliya says I won’t let your intentions succeed and calls her slow poison. Pragya asks her about hospital name. Aaliya doesn’t tell her and warns her not to come in his life or hospital. Pragya cries. Aaliya then warns Tanu to mend her ways and concentrate on Abhi and be in family’s good books so that she can get Abhi.

She says if Abhi and Pragya get back together then she will not be Mrs and then she can’t participate in the Mrs. World contest. Tanu says it is my dream. Aaliya says you have to forget your dream and tells about Pragya’s call. They talk about the probability of their togetherness. Tanu says if this happens then she will do something which she haven’t done till now. King informs Pragya that Abhi is in City hospital as Mr. Wick told him. Pragya says we shall go and meet him. She comes to hospital and meets Dadi, Dasi, Disha and Purab. They get emotional seeing her.


Aaliya tells her that she won’t let her go inside. Pragya says if I tell you something in front of all then you will feel bad. Aaliya asks how dare you to come here even though I asked you not to come here. Pragya says you can’t stop me from meeting Abhi. Aaliya calls Security and says my brother is having danger to his life because of this woman and asks him to take her out. Pragya refuses to go until she meets him. King comes to the hospital to see Abhi.

King extends friendship hand towards Abhi. Pragya tells King that they shall go and meet him in the hospital as a goodwill gesture. She goes to meet him, but Aaliya stops her and goes on blaming her for Dadi’s death and putting Abhi in that situation. She calls guards to throw Pragya out and asks them not to let her enter again. King takes a stand for Pragya’s respect.


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