Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Nandini in trouble; Mauli to bash up Rajdeep

Silsila: Rajdeep to plot Nandini's character assassination

Mauli and Nandini go out for shopping. Mauli cheers up Nandini. They get some stuff and spend some time. Mauli wants to see a smile on Nandini’s face. She recollects their fun moments in the past. She asks Nandini to not take any tension and enjoy. She asks Nandini to wait at some shop till she gets some stuff from the other shop. Rajdeep meets Nandini in the market. He asks Nandini how is she, she is out on shopping, its good that she is taking a break. She drops the shopping bags in fear. He says you are having fun, you don’t care for husband and house. Nandini shouts to Mauli for help. She behaves like a helpless woman. Rajdeep stops Nandini and says I m saving you from Mauli, she is using you as a maid, you shouldn’t go to her, come with me, our home is waiting for you. The people gather and ask Rajdeep to leave Nandini.

He tells them that Nandini is his wife and he has a right to take her home. Nandini refuses to go with him. She struggles when he forcibly takes her. The people ask him to leave her, if she doesn’t want to come, he can’t compel her. Rajdeep says I m her husband, its our personal matter, you don’t talk in between us, get lost. He creates a ruckus and slaps Nandini. He shouts on her and commands her, as if she is his property. Nandini cries and gets silent. She doesn’t answer him. Nandini gets scared.

Mauli sees the crowd and comes to see. She gets a shock seeing Nandini crying. Mauli comes in between and beats up Rajdeep. She gives him a solid answer. She asks Rajdeep how can he do this. Rajdeep asks her to step back, Nandini is his wife. She asks will you beat her if she is your wife. He asks her to call police, dial 100 and tell them that I want my wife back. He breaks Mauli’s phone and shouts on her. He asks whom will she call now. He pushes Mauli away. Mauli gets hurt. Mauli tells him that she won’t let him take Nandini. She feels people aren’t helping her, so she has to rush to police herself. She bashes Rajdeep and goes to call the cops. She complains about Rajdeep for his abusive behavior. She takes a step to protect Rajdeep. Mauli succeeds to stop Rajdeep. She takes Nandini home with her. Nandini feels the same trauma again. Mauli worries for Nandini’s future.



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