Ishq Mein Marjawa: Tara to plot more troubles for Aarohi


Tara is taking revenge from Aarohi once again. Deep and Aarohi learn about Tara on getting her call. Tara congratulates them for marriage. Aarohi tells Deep that she has called the police, as she is much scared for their lives. Deep tells her that he will meet inspector and come. Tara comes home and attacks on Aarohi. She kidnaps Aarohi by making her unconscious. Deep is planning to remarry Aarohi and settle with her, which Tara can never tolerate. She becomes a problem for Aarohi’s life. She sends Aarohi away and takes her place in Deep’s life. She wants to marry Deep. She acts helpless and hurts herself.

Deep returns home and finds her tied. He asks her if she is fine. She acts as Aarohi and lies to him that Tara has attacked her, and snatched their engagement ring. Deep tells her that he can sacrifice many rings for her sake, its enough that she is fine.

He does the aid to her wound. She hugs him and tries to get close to him suddenly. Deep thinks why is Aarohi behaving strange. He then realizes that she is Tara, not Aarohi. He gives her a tight slap and says you can’t fool me, I know you well, its good you have come here, tell me where is Aarohi, you will tell me about my past as well. Deep’s confusion gets cleared. She refuses to tell about his past and Aarohi. She asks Deep to find everything on his own. Roma and Virat have Aarohi captive. Deep has a big task to save Aarohi from their clutches.



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