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    Jiji Maa

    Jiji Maa: Niyati warns Uttara and tells her that she will expose her if anything happens to Falguni. She gets really angry on Uttara and threatens to tell her truth to Suyash. Uttara wonders if she really did any mistake by sending Falguni away from home. She regrets for her doings and calls up Shom. She also looks for Falguni. She tells Shom that Niyati is troubling her a lot. Niyati, Suyash and Vidhaan look for Falguni, who is at her locality. Falguni gets some memories of Niyati and recollects about the disneyland.

    She asks an auto driver to take her to disneyland. He asks her to go herself. She asks some men for water when she feels thirsty. The men eye her badly and tell her that they will help her and drop her to disneyland. Niyati gets tracking Falguni. She gets her water bottle and realizes that Falguni is close.

    Suyash looks for her everyone. The men take Falguni to some place and misbehave with her. Falguni falls in big trouble. Niyati prays for Falguni. Falguni cries for help. She runs away from the place. She gets saved from the goons and misses to meet Suyash and Niyat. She gets trapped in further evil when a lady finds her mentally unstable and hands her over to human traffickers. Niyati asks Vidhaan to go home and check if Falguni came there. Falguni gets troubled and learns that the lady is really bad. Suyash loses courage. Niyati encourages him to be strong and not lose hope. Niyati reaches Falguni on hearing her screaming. Suyash finds Niyati missing as well and recalls his promise to Vidhaan. He gets worried and looks for Niyati. Suyash reaches Falguni and Niyati to save their lives.



    Anika gets scared of Daksh and recollects his threatening. She turns too restless and tries to talk out to Shivay. She barges into his room at night and tells him that Daksh is really bad, she worries for Priyanka and wants the marriage to break. He scolds her for falling so low and risking Priyanka’s happiness. She tells him that Daksh has an affair with Payal. She asks him to think if he will make Priyanka marry such a molester. She asks Shivay to consider her claim just once and think of Priyanka. She tries her best to convince him. He tells her that he will prove her wrong by giving her a chance to get evidence.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    The judge tells Roshni that she will have all her rights to decide about the baby. She asks Roshni to take a day’s time and tell them with whom she wants to live. Ishita and Raman get worried. Ishita is sure that Roshni will choose her, and still stays tensed, like Raman who feels failing in keeping his family happy. Ishita tells Raman that she won’t stop Roshni from taking decision under any pressure. Raman sees his family crying and losing hopes about the baby. He tells them that he will try to talk to Roshni. He goes to meet Roshni, and gets allowed by Ishita to meet her. He tells Roshni that its Adi’s child, who belongs to Bhallas. He asks her not to think of him as a selfish person and be practical. He tells her that she will face a tough time to be away from the child, but it will be unfair with the child too if he stays away from family.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    The entire family tries to make Kartik and Naira realize that they are really needed in their lives. Naitik and Manish plan a surprise for Kartik and Naira. Lav and Kush ask KaiRa to always stay together. Kartik and Naira present the love story of Naksh and Kirti and revive their good memories. They come close during the act. They get surprised when Lav and Kush present KaiRa’s love story in the sweetest way possible. Their innocent act brings a smile on Kartik and Naira’s face. They get compelled to slip in their memories. Suwarna visits Kartik’s house and learns that Kartik has gone to attend the anniversary party.

    Krishna Chali London:

    Radhe and Krishna return home. Shukla and his wife criticize Krishna. Krishna faces the insult again. She tries to defend herself. Radhe’s mum clears that she is just Radhe’s mum, not hers. She asks Krishna to know her limits and not teach her. Krishna feels bad by their behavior. She finds Radhe upset. She understands his sorrow. Radhe doesn’t speak up. Krishna helps him and tries to lessen his sorrow. Radhe meets Saajan and tells whatever happened at Dubey house. He feels bad that Shukla has insulted him in his in-laws, which has tarnished his image forever. He regrets for whatever happened. He tells Saajan that his dreams broke and Shukla isn’t understanding. He doesn’t want everyone to disrespect him. He tells them that Krishna’s family gave them much respect, but Shukla ruined everything.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Eshwarya thanks Dharani for letting her meet Chegu. She shares her wonderful experience of having a sky ride with him. Dharani criticizes Chegu and scolds her for intending to marry him. She asks Eshwarya how could he cheat her by taking Adhivanth’s name. Eshwarya denies to know about Adhivanth. She clears the confusion that she loves Chegu and intends to marry him. She gets a shock knowing Dharani has taken her marriage proposal for Adhivanth. Dharani asks Eshwarya not to act ignorant, as she has agree for the relation as well. Eshwarya tells Dharani that she went to talk to Adhivanth about Garima. The confusions get increasing between them. Dharani gets disappointed with Eshwarya for playing games with them. She finds Chegu worse than their servants. Eshwarya sheds tears when Dharani refuses to accept Chegu for Eshwarya.

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