Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita-Shagun team up to save Raman from MMS scandal


Tania tells the Bhallas that she is dating Raman since last few months, he calls her up every time he has to make Ishita jealous. She shouts on Raman for ruining her life and making her MMS by cheat. Raman and Bhallas receive a big shock. Raman asks Tania did she go mad to say such a nonsense, she is just accusing him for no reason. Tania says I thought you are a nice person, but you proved me wrong, how can you stoop so low, I didn’t imagine this could happen. She scolds Raman. Simmi and Parmeet smirk on seeing the troubles for IshRa. Tania calls Shagun at Bhalla house. She tells Shagun that she wants to file a complaint against Raman.

Shagun tells Tania that she will help her for getting justice, being a NGO worker. She asks Tania if she is really sure that Raman is behind this, he can never do such a cheap thing. Tania sheds tears and tells them that Raman has finished her life.

Raman defends the blames. He tells her that he didn’t fix any camera to make her video. Ishita can’t believe it. She knows the pain that they went through at the time of Ruhi’s MMS scandal. She asks Tania to understand that Raman is a girl’s father, he can never do this. Tania puts dirty allegations on Raman. Ishita explains Tania. She then asks Tania if she can show the video clip to them so that they can help and find the culprit. She shows her faith in Raman. Tania agrees to take Ishita’s help as she wants to know the culprit as well. Tania’s MMS scandal creates a ruckus in Bhalla house. Ishita is hopeful to save Raman from the new problem. Shagun joins Ishita and wants to prove Raman innocent. Raman’s wife Ishita and ex-wife Shagun team up once again to save Raman’s name, since they both know Raman well.



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