Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (PicFiction): IshRa to cross the weather of storms and reconcile

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

The judge tells Roshni that she will have all her rights to decide about the baby. She asks Roshni to take a day’s time and tell them with whom she wants to live. Ishita and Raman get worried. Ishita is sure that Roshni will choose her, and still stays tensed, like Raman who feels failing in keeping his family happy. Ishita tells Raman that she won’t stop Roshni from taking decision under any pressure. Raman sees his family crying and losing hopes about the baby. He tells them that he will try to talk to Roshni. He goes to meet Roshni, and gets allowed by Ishita to meet her. He tells Roshni that its Adi’s child, who belongs to Bhallas. He asks her not to think of him as a selfish person and be practical. He tells her that she will face a tough time to be away from the child, but it will be unfair with the child too if he stays away from family. He assures that the family will love the child a lot, and she can make her career in London once again. He offers her a secured job and a new life in London. He begs her to return his family’s happiness.

He tells her that he has promised his parents and now he can’t see them distressed. He tells Roshni that he knows the pain of staying separated from family. Roshni tells him that she also wants to give happiness to everyone, she is fed up of dealing with sorrows. Ishita overhears them. Roshni takes some time to decide. Raman leaves the decision to her. Ishita cries and thinks of Raman. She asks Roshni to give the child to Raman, as he isn’t wrong. She doesn’t want Raman to break down. She feels shattering with the thought that Raman is breaking down. She tells Roshni that she wanted to keep the baby for a safe and good future, but now she is convinced that the baby will stay more happy in a flourished and financially stable family. She doesn’t want to be selfish. She tells Roshni that they should just think for baby first and then about themselves. She praises the Bhallas. She is hopeful that baby will get all his rights in Bhalla family.

She asks Roshni to trust Bhallas, they will give her all the love she deserves. She suggests Roshni to stay with Bhallas and not think about her. Roshni feels Raman and Ishita’s strong love and thinks of some way to unite them. She cries and feels guilty to break them apart. Mrs. Bhalla tells Raman that she has no hopes left, she won’t come to court. Raman asks her to accompany him and not lose courage. Ishita loses courage and packs Roshni’s bags to send her to Bhallas. She asks Roshni to stop thinking for her and just think for the baby’s future. Ishita hopes that Roshni accepts Raman’s offer and goes to live with Bhallas.


At the court, Roshni tells the judge that she wants a legitimate name for the baby. She agrees to give the child to Bhallas for the financial security and family factor. Raman gets happy with her decision. Roshni tells the judge that she has a condition, both Ishita and Raman love the child and want his betterment, so she wants the child to be raised by both of them. She keeps her condition that Raman accepts Ishita back in the family and together raise the little Adi. She makes it clear that she wants IshRa’s union. She tells them that she got a chance to rectify her mistake, and she will definitely try to bring them together. She tells the judge that she will live with Bhallas if Raman and Ishita agree to her condition. She impresses everyone by her well thought.

Judge asks Raman and Ishita to decide and think if they really want the baby. Raman gets angry and blames Ishita for making Roshni keep this condition to return home. Ishita clears that she isn’t desperate to live with him. He tells her that he knows her and knows that she is behind this. She refuses to live with him. He tells her that he is helpless to agree to Roshni for the sake of Adi’s child. He asks her not to be selfish and stay with him for baby’s sake. He tells her that he won’t forgive her for killing Adi. They have an argument. They decide to reconcile. Ruhi gets happy with Roshni’s move. She genuinely wishes her parents to unite. Bhallas plan a grand welcome for Ishita.

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