Ishqbaaz: Anika to trick Daksh to defer Priyanka’s marriage

Daksh cries out fake stories about Anika's greed Ishqbaaz

Anika makes a new plan to expose Daksh. Priyanka and Daksh’s marriage date is suggested by Guru ji. The family learns the two mahurats. Guru ji tells them that Priyanka can either marry in a week or after three years. The family gets tensed by the distinctly far mahurats. Shivay announces that Priyank’s marriage will happen in a week. He does his duty as an elder brother and pleases Priyanka by his decision. Priyanka thanks and hugs him. Anika wonders why is Shivay hurrying so much, when they aren’t clear about Daksh yet. Shivay learns that Daksh can’t attend the pre-wedding puja as he is in hospital. Priyanka gets tense.

Shivay tells Priyanka that he will assure that Daksh gets fine soon. He calls up the best doctors panel for Daksh. Anika feels she has less time for exposing Daksh’s truth. Dadi tells Shivay about the puja. She says Daksh has to attend the puja with Priyanka.

Shivay tells Dadi that Daksh will be treated and will surely attend the puja. Anika sees Khanna getting sweets for Daksh. Anika adds some liquid in the sweets to upset Daksh’s stomach. She doesn’t want Daksh to come home for the puja. She thinks Daksh will consume the sweets and not be able to come home. She makes this plan to keep Daksh away. She obstructs Daksh for puja, so that Guru ji cancels the close mahurat. She wants the marriage to get postponed, so that she can find clues against Daksh. Shivay and Khanna collect the sweets. Anika hides from Shivay. She is hopeful that Daksh’s true colors will be known to Oberois. She doesn’t want to pose problems for Priyanka. She tells Shivay that she will stop the marriage some way.


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