TR’s Top Weekend Spoilers

Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika goes for the puja at some temple. She performs the rituals with women. Sahil meets her there. He surprises Vedika. He tells her that he was looking for her everywhere. Vedika imagines him. She gets missing him and wonders what happened to her. Sahil sees a couple dancing in rain. He imagines Vedika with him. Sahil and Vedika’s rain romance will be seen as part of the dream sequence. Yash gets shagun for Vedika. Manjula buys some sarees for Vedika’s marriage. Vedika gets confused. She accepts the shagun from Yash. She stays unhappy. Vedika’s marriage will get many twists.

Jiji Maa:
Falguni tells Uttara that she will cook food for her. She gets some chips in the kitchen set toy. Suyash supports her cute doings. He tells her that the chip is really yummy. She gets happy that everyone liked the chips she got. Suyash’s presence makes Uttara lie to Falguni and fake love.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:


Rithvik’s family celebrates Reva’s marriage rituals. Palak attends the party as a guest. Rithvik and Palak will be becoming friends. He regards her a friend after realizing that she is not so bad as he thought. The family gets surprised seeing him changing for Payal. Everyone sings and dances happily. Rithvik is happy for Reva’s new life. He congratulates Reva. Palak turns into Rithvik’s love guru. He likes a girl. She finds him staring at someone and gives him love tips to impress the girl. They get too friendly, which wasn’t expected by anyone.


Himani is getting married. Roop hears her sharing her feelings with Kamla. Himani likes the guy and looks forward for the marriage. Kamla wishes her the best. Roop gets happy that Himani is settling. Himani tells Kamla that she wants a guy who has thinking and understanding like Roop. Roop learns that the guy has a mindset and personality like Shamsher. He worries and wonders if Himani will accept someone whose perception is orthodox like Shamsher, and will that guy keep Himani happy. Roop thinks to stop the marriage and gets doubtful. He does a mistake to create hurdles in alliance and upsets Shamsher.

Vivaan lands in jail because of Meera. He gets into a fight with the jail mates, who make fun of his wife. Vivaan can’t hear a word against Meera. He gets beaten up by them. He doesn’t defend and asks them to beat him more. He wants to harm himself and repent as he has hurt Meera a lot. Vivaan gets free on bail. He goes in search of the goons, which tried to burn Meera’s house. The goons steal Meera’s jewelry. Vivaan gets determined to not lose the jewelry. He follows the goons. He finds the goons and asks them for the jewelry. The goons trouble him. Vivaan gets further beaten up. He then gets the jewelry bag and fights with goons. He has no idea that Roma is the culprit. Meera is unaware of Vivaan’s pain.

Mariam Khan Reporting LIVE:

Mariam gets lost and reaches Lahore. She loses her family, home and country. She shouts to her parents. Her happiness shatters. A storm arises in her life and ruins everything. Innocent Mariam loses Majaaz, Madiha and family. She cries and gets lonely. Aayat snatches Mariam from Majaaz.


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