Ishqbaaz: Shivika to strike a moment; Tia to alert Daksh

Shivika to expose Daksh

Anika spots Daksh with Payal. She rushes to Shivay and informs him about Daksh’s meet. She tells Shivay that Daksh is inside Payal’s room. Shivay confronts Daksh on finding him with Payal. He asks him why did he lie and refuse to come to the resort for menu tasting. Daksh lies to Shivay once again. He tells Shivay that he will reveal the truth now, being left with no option. He tells about his secret planning for surprising Priyanka. Anika asks Daksh why did he meet Payal only at the resort. Daksh tells them that Payal won a holiday package and invited all the friends. Daksh cleanly lies to Shivay and Anika, and answers all their questions with ease. Shivay tells Daksh that he has come to meet the chef. Daksh questions him for coming to the resort with Anika. He also shows his concern for Tia. Shivay tells Daksh that Anika is Priyanka’s wedding planner, so she has accompanied him too.

Daksh feels lucky that Tia has alerted him about Shivay. Tia warned Daksh about breaking Oberois’ trust. Shivay scolds Anika for crashing Priyanka’s marriage. He asks her not to show fake concern and ruin Priyanka’s marriage. She tells him that heart break is better than wrecking up entire life. Shivay asks her not to get blaming Daksh again. He quits to support her in testing Daksh. He tells her that he will take ahead the wedding functions now and doesn’t want her to spoil things by her suspicion. Anika determines to expose Daksh any way. Priyanka gets excited for the pre-wedding functions. Omkara and Rudra’s cute Obro moments and fun will be seen. Dadi asks them to check arrangements for Puja.

Dadi tells them that she has sent Shivay to get Guru ji home. The family welcomes Guru ji and asks him for a suitable date for Priyanka and Daksh’s marriage. Guru ji gives them the most suitable mahurat, that’s within a week. He asks them to wait for three years for the next mahurat if they want. Dadi worries as both the dates aren’t feasible for them. Priyanka wants the marriage to happen soon, as they can’t wait for three years. Anika was wishing Shivay to refuse for the early mahurat. She worries when he accepts the first mahurat. She doesn’t understand how she will expose Daksh so soon. Shivay just thinks of Priyanka’s marriage. Priyanka gets thankful to him.

Guru ji asks them to keep the puja for groom and bride, else there can be many hurdles for them. Shivay assures that he will send sweets to Daksh to fulfill the rituals and also set everything right for the puja. Dadi tells him that the puja has to complete with Daksh’s presence, else the mahurat will be missed. Anika finds a way to defer the marriage. She sees Khanna with the special sweets. She adds the powder in the sweets to upset Daksh’s stomach. She is sure that Daksh won’t be able to come.

Shivay takes the sweets for Daksh. Anika hides from him. Shivay lends her support once again. They have a moment. Anika finds difficulty to walk with her wound. He turns caring towards her and lifts her in arms to take her for aid. He takes care of her ankle sprain. Priyanka finds his wound bleeding. She worries for him. Anika realizes that he got wounded that day at the hospital and his wound got fresh today because of lifting her. She wonders why Shivay didn’t care for his wound and thought just for her. She finds him a good hearted man. Anika creates hurdles for Daksh, while Shivay makes a way for Daksh’s entry and puja completion.



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