Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer and Zara’s love to get another chance

Ishq SubhanAllah Elena marriage twist next

Kabeer and Zara come home together. They have to spend two months together according to Shariah board decision. Kabeer’s mum gets happy and thinks maybe Kabeer and Zara changed their divorce decision. Zara wants to change Kabeer’s decision, but is unsure. Zara tells Kabeer that he couldn’t fulfill his duty and love, he has failed to keep up love by his divorce decision, but he can’t neglect his duty. Kabeer agrees to keep his promise. Zara gets upset with Kabeer. He is ready to give any test. She asks him to leave, else the trust between them can break again. He asks her for one last chance. She says I have given you everything I had, I have nothing to give him now. He reminds that he still has 26 days as per the divorce condition.

He tells her that they both have to keep the promise. She is upset seeing his mistakes. She tells him that her love may end for him, and this annoyance can turn into hatred. He tells her that he won’t leave, he will stay with him.

He apologizes to her. She is much hurt as he didn’t keep his duty, he will keep changing his thinking and decisions and ruin her life. She tells him that he should have taken a stand for her when she wanted, is this his love and respect for her. She is sure that he will repeat the same mistake and not change himself. He tells her that he is much stubborn, he will not give up. He acts of heart ache and convinces her. Zara gets plain food for Kabeer. He asks her why is she having plain food. She tells him that a good wife supports husband in everything, she can sacrifice spicy food for his sake, she can give him 26 days if he promises to mend himself.

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