Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaiRa’s stance on their questioned romance

Naira hugs Kartik

Kartik and Naira meet in the chemistry lab. A chemical reaction emits smoke. She gets tensed and hugs Kartik. They have a moment. The students come there and see their romancing in the lab. Kartik and Naira get answerable to the questions. The students get taunting Naira for being married and having an affair with the professor. They ask Naira if she hasn’t thought for answering her husband. Naira can’t tell them that Kartik is her husband. Kartik asks the students to shut up and leave. He doesn’t want anyone to get rights to speak against Naira and him.

The students gossip about Kartik and Naira’s love tale and tease the lovers. Suwarna sees Kartik with Naira, and gets a huge shock. She plans KaiRa’s divorce. Kartik and Naira’s relation faces new problems. The families fear that their relation may break. They hope for KaiRa’s union.

Suwarna rushes out of the college thinking of Kartik’s cheat to conceal Naira’s matter. She meets with an accident. Kartik and Naira get informed and rush to her. Naira spots Suwarna injured on the road. She calls up Kartik and asks him to rush fast. Kartik reaches the accident spot. He cries seeing Suwarna’s state. He thanks Naira for spotting Suwarna and informing him. They take Suwarna to the hospital. They have no idea why the accident happened. They assume that Suwarna has seen Kartik and Naira at the college and left in anger. Kartik failed to explain anything to Suwarna. Manish feels guilty as he has hidden the matter from Suwarna, which made her feel devastated and cheated.

He tells Naitik that they are responsible for Suwarna’s accident, they should have told Suwarna that they were trying to unite Kartik and Naira, as they believe Naira is innocent. Manish shares that he has cheated Suwarna by keeping her in darkness. He feels the family has responsible for Shubham’s death, Naira alone can’t be blamed for negligence. The families cry for Suwarna. Goenkas and Singhanias meet at the hospital and together pray for Suwarna’s life.

Kartik and Naira shed tears and stay tensed. The nurse informs them that patient got conscious. Doctor tells Kartik that Suwarna is much upset, she doesn’t want to meet anyone, she is facing some trauma. Kartik says I m her son, she would definitely meet me. Manish says let Kartik meet her, he will talk to her and know the problem, she will see Kartik and get fine. Suwarna sheds tears and asks nurse not to let anyone in the ward.

Doctor tells them that Suwarna doesn’t want to meet Kartik. Suwarna is much affected and thinks why did Kartik cheat her, why didn’t he tell her about Naira, even if the family has hidden the matter, how could Kartik hide it. Kartik sheds tears and tries to meet Suwarna once. Surekha tells Kartik that maybe Suwarna has seen Naira there. Naitik asks Surekha not to blame Naira for everything. He gets into an argument and defends Naira. There happens a big family drama at the hospital. Kartik and Naira see each other and think of the some big step to ensure the family’s happiness. Suwarna demands for their divorce.

Suwarna hates Naira to the core and holds her responsible for Shubham’s untimely death. She clears out to Kartik that he has to choose either her or Naira. Kartik chooses Suwarna, as he fears to lose her forever. He also thinks Naira has been wrong in Shubham’s matter. He understands Suwarna’s pain of losing her son, whom she got after several years. Naitik and Manish wish to change Suwarna’s mindset about Naira. Naitik tells Manish about the injustice that Suwarna is doing with Naira. He wants a stop to Naira’s sufferings. Manish promises him to talk out to Suwarna and try to change her decision.

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