Jiji Maa: Uttara’s new plan to risk Suyash’s life

Jiji Maa Twist: Uttara's crimes to get surfaced

Uttara makes a new plan to separate Falguni and Suyash. She can’t tolerate Falguni’s bonding with everyone to get better. She risks Suyash’s life to take revenge from Falguni. She doesn’t think for Suyash for a moment. She fools Falguni and asks him to take the mangoes for Suyash, so that they both can have a fruitful friendship. Falguni gets mango for Suyash. He gets busy on a call. Suyash finds her innocent. He fulfills her wish to strengthen their bond. She asks him to cut the mango for her. He agrees to have the mango and celebrate their friendship. She doesn’t know how to cut the mango. Suyash eats some mango and tells her that its really tasty. He suddenly gets choking. Falguni panics seeing him.

She feels like losing him forever. She doesn’t know that Uttara has added poison in the mango. She asks him what happened. Suyash faints down. Suyash’s condition makes Falguni tense. She gets water for him and feeds him some way. She rushes to call Niyati and Vidhaan.

Falguni doesn’t know what to do and hugs Suyash. Suyash gets treated and recovers. Falguni gets flashes of past and reconnects with Suyash. She asks him how are they related. He doesn’t tell her that he is her husband. She tells him about seeing him in her dream. He recalls the doctor’s warning and doesn’t reveal anything to her. He doesn’t want to pressurize her mind. Suyash and Falguni pamper each other. He gets happy, but doesn’t express much as he doesn’t have answers for Falguni. He is hopeful that Falguni will get her memory back.


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