Udaan: Chakor to compel Suraj for a love proposal

Huge drama ahead in Udaan and Roop

Chakor gets Suraj outside Naina’s house. She asks Suraj to take advantage of the rains and call out Naina to meet and strike a romantic moment. Chakor looks at Suraj from far. Naina leaves from her house and sees Suraj. She likes Suraj. Chakor sees them together and cries. Suraj meets Naina once again. He gets late and apologizes to her. He gives her a rose and surprises her. He implements his next plan and convinces her. He gets reluctant to say cheesy liners to her. Naina gets happy on receiving a rose from him and making their friendship stronger.

Later, Chakor falls in trouble when a bike falls over her. Suraj runs to her rescue. He gets worried for Chakor, and feels helpless that he can’t even care for his wife in front of Naina. Chakor asks him to go before Naina comes. Suraj doesn’t listen to her and lifts the bike. Chakor fears that Naina can know their relation and doubt on Suraj.

She doesn’t want Suraj to lose out in the mission. Suraj asks Chakor to stop being crazy and saves Chakor. Chakor runs away before Naina sees her. Naina gets happy seeing Suraj’s humanity. She likes him seeing him too concerned for a stranger. She isn’t aware that Suraj got tearful eyes for his wife. Chakor compels Suraj to propose Naina. Suraj refuses to her. He throws away the clothes which Chakor got for his big day. Chakor insists him and asks him to propose Naina for the sake of the country. Vivaan and Chakor finally convince Suraj.


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