Krishna Chali London: Krishna initiates a big change in Shukla Family

Krishna Chali London: Krishna to protect Shukla and family

Krishna wants to get justice for Lali. She is determined to get Gajanan punished. Radhe sits at the door step and watches Krishna. Krishna complaints against Gajanan for domestic charges. She gets Gajanan arrested. Krishna does the aid to Lali. She cares for Lali when she finds her wounded. She tells the constable that Lali’s wounds are deep. Constable checks Lali well and notes down in the FIR. Krishna tells the lady constable that Lali has been tolerating such domestic tortures by her husband Gajanan. Everyone doesn’t like Krishna’s broad thinking. Krishna takes a stand for Lali. She wants the Shukla family to respect women. She gets upset seeing Lali. She explains Lali that she shouldn’t bear such domestic violence.

Constable pities Lali. She says you have done the right thing to file a complaint, Gajanan should be punished for his filthy act, but you have to get Lali to the police station tomorrow for formalities. Krishna agrees to her. Constable assures Krishna that she will make the case stronger and not let Gajanan escape so easily.

Krishna sits by Lali’s side all night and takes care of her. Radhe gets happy seeing Krishna’s concern for Lali. He doesn’t think Krishna did anything wrong by getting Gajanan arrested. Radhe totally supports Krishna, and gets against the torturing family. He also sympathizes with Lali, since she is like a mother to him. Krishna doesn’t get scared of anyone, but Radhe worries about the new storm. Shuklain threatens Krishna of attempting suicide and asks her to take back the complaint. Shuklain tries hard to stop Gajanan and does a drama. Krishna refuses to give up and asks them to do anything they want. Krishna finds a change in Radhe, as he gets rid of his fears and supports her with courage. She likes Radhe getting motivated by her.

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