Mayavi Maling: Chegu and Eshwarya’s alliance talks get midway


Shil Aditya tells Antara that he had no knowledge about Eshwarya and Chegu’s alliance. Chegu tells him that Eshwarya and he are in love. Antara tells him that Eshwarya and Chegu are opposites and fell in love, they will be good together. Shil Aditya tells her that Chegu is a good person, but he isn’t able to see him suitable for Eshwarya. He tells her that its a mismatch and he can never allow for this alliance forming. He tells them that he will call Eshwarya and ask her whom she wants to marry. He takes some time from Chegu. Antara asks Chegu not to compel Shil Aditya and let him give his decision the other day. Dharani tells Chegu that Eshwarya will never marry him.

She rejects Chegu’s alliance. She asks Antara to leave and not wait for Shil Aditya’s answer. Chegu meets Eshwarya and confronts her about the happening. Eshwarya tells him that she has tried her best. He gets displeased with her and scolds her for giving her false hopes and getting him insulted. He holds her responsible for hurting Antara’s feelings.

Eshwarya meets her parents. Shil Aditya asks Eshwarya about her feelings for Chegu. He tells her that Dharani was considering Adhivanth for her. He asks her if she is in love with Chegu. Eshwarya gets speechless. Dharani asks Eshwarya to deny this. Shil Aditya gives her time to think over and decide about her future. He asks Dharani not to compel Eshwarya, as he has raised his daughters in a free atmosphere. He tells her that he wants to know if he passed as a father or not. Pranali calms down Angad’s anger. Angad scolds her for acting along with her dad and framing him. He acts innocent. He vents out anger on her planning. Shil Aditya calls up Pranali for a meet. Angad proves his innocence.

Vaidehi tries to explain Dharani that they should wait for Eshwarya’s reply. They feel Eshwarya will select Adhivanth. Bhoomi gets upset with them for hiding about the marriage alliance. The confusion about Adhivanth and Garima’s marriage goes on. Bhoomi tells them that Garima is too young, she isn’t ready for marriage. Dharani clears out that they want Eshwarya to marry Adhivanth. Shil Aditya guides Pranali towards the next rituals that would make her able to manage Maling lake guardianship. He tells her about the clash between Dev Vanshi and Daanav Vanshi. He tells her that she may face difficulties to fulfill the rituals, but she has to promise that she will always intend to save the Maling lake. Pranali attempts to try her luck and unlock the secret chambers. He mentally strengthens her. Pranali gets trapped. Shil Aditya worries for her and determines to nab the culprit.


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