Mayavi Maling: Shil Aditya to learn Eshwarya and Chegu’s love story


Shil Aditya and Pranali doubt on Angad. They start accusing Angad. Angad comes up with a plan to clear their suspicion. Eshwarya stays worried that Chegu is getting Antara for the marriage talks. She shares this with Garima. She tells Garima that Dharani isn’t allowing her love story. She feels troubled. She asks Garima to help her and meet Chegu to refuse to him about the marriage. She tells Garima that she loves Chegu and knows that Shil Aditya respects him, but Dharani holds no respect for Chegu. She doesn’t want Chegu to get humiliated. She asks Garima to just stop Chegu from coming to Maling palace. She gets upset over her failing love story. Angad tricks Shil Aditya by using Mandhari.

Mandhari also shows her red hands, and tells Shil Aditya that its really some wrong sign of danger. Adhivanth meets Garima to know Shil Aditya’s decision about his marriage. Garima gets mistaken about him once again. She gets confused over her alliance with Adhivanth.

Eshwarya finds Chegu and Antara coming. She feels Garima didn’t do her task. She worries to stop Chegu and reject his love. Shil Aditya and Pranali’s suspicion gets weakened. Chegu and Antara meet Shil Aditya. Antara tells Shil Aditya that she has got the shagun for Eshwarya and Chegu’s alliance. Eshwarya creates hurdles for them. Dharani doesn’t want to talk to Antara. She strongly opposes them. Garima apologizes to Eshwarya for not fulfilling the task. Antara asks Shil Aditya about his opinion for the alliance. Dharani rejects the alliance. Shil Aditya understands that her fears were right. He gets into a dilemma. He gets speechless. He tells Antara that he is pretty much shocked on knowing about Eshwarya and Chegu’s love story.


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