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Kumkum Bhagya:
Pragya cares for Abhi in the hospital and confesses her love to him. He gets consciousness and fine. Aaliya holds Pragya’s responsible for his condition. Abhi thinks it was his dream. Pragya makes an excuse when King asks her if he visited hospital for Abhi. Later, Kiara asks Pragya if she met her friend Rockstar. Pragya denies. Sunny calls Pragya to talk to Kiara and tells that his chucks returned home from the hospital. Pragya asks him what has happened to his chucks? Kiara takes the phone in her hand before Sunny could tell her about Abhi. She tells that Sunny called for her. Pragya asks Kiara what happened to him. Kiara says he was the one who saved you in the bank. Pragya gets thinking and doubts if Abhi is Kiara’s rockstar, but then thinks he must be someone else. King will soon come to know about Pragya and Abhi’s relation. Purab comes to know about Pragya being in the same city.

Vivaan makes excuses to get Meera closer. Meera doesn’t listen. He makes an upset face. Meera gets compelled to listen to him. She ends his annoyance. They both get smiling. Their cute moments are seen in Vivaan’s dream sequence. Vivaan misses Meera. He feels he has lost everything in life. He sees Meera everywhere in his house. He wishes his dream turns true.

Aditya and Zoya start afresh forgiving their respective life partners. They give their best wishes to each other. Aditya asks if they will get bepannah love like Pooja and Yash got. Zoya is hopeful. She asks if we will meet. They part ways. Arjun reads Zoya’s letter and comes to the airport to talk to her. Security at the airport stops him. Zoya tells that she wants to meet her dear friend for 5 mins and sees Aditya on the baggage check counter. He gets inside and doesn’t hear her as he is wearing head phone. Zoya shouts calling his name.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:
Palak calls Radhika and comes to know that she is in the hospital. Doctor talks to her and informs that Radhika came to her hospital for abortion. Palak is surprised to know about her pregnancy. She comes to the hospital and asks Radhika about her pregnancy. Radhika tells her that Samar is her baby’s father, he is the same guy who is getting married to Reva. Palak decides to stop Samar and Reva’s marriage. She confronts Samar. Reva asks Manjeet not to let Radhika come there. Samar gets married to Radhika in the temple on knowing about her pregnancy. He kisses on her forehead and gets leaving from the temple when Rithvik and Vijay come there.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai:
Riddhi has planned a dinner date of Anushka and Vedant and sends her to a restaurant. Anushka gets jealous seeing Hira dancing with Siddhant and gets drunk. Siddhant gets shocked seeing her drunk. Vedant comes there. Anushka sees him and tells Siddhant that she will refuse Vedant’s proposal. Siddhant doesn’t want her to reject Vedant and suffer in Reddy house. He wants Anushka to marry Vedant and leave KK’s house so that he can take revenge from KK openly.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Mahira and Zain are getting engaged. Khan and Ashraf families are making a new relation. Mahira wants Meher to stop the engagement. She threatens to elope with Rihaan just before the marriage day. Khan family decorates the haveli beautifully. Everyone gets happy for Mahira’s new life. They welcome Zain in the family. Meher warns Mahira against hurting the family and ruining their respect. Mariam clicks pictures and asks Aijaz to smile. Aijaz doesn’t feel happy about the alliance. He doesn’t smile. He doesn’t like Rifat and Aayat. Rifat asks Aayat to stand with everyone in the family picture. Aijaz makes a leave from the function. He doesn’t want to forgive Aayat. The family gets pictures clicked. Mahira doesn’t want to marry Zain. She tries to talk to him. Meher explains her what this relation means to the family. She compels Mahira to get engaged. Aayat plots to kidnap Mariam and take her to Lahore.

Silsila Baldate Rishton Ka:

Mauli surprises Kunal and creates a moment for him. Kunal asks Mauli is this any mischief again. She then makes way for Nandini. Nandini gets a cake for Kunal. Kunal and Nandini have an eye lock. Nandini mesmerizes Kunal. She thanks Kunal for helping her move on. She tells Kunal that he has motivated her a lot. Kunal gets happy that Nandini took his advice. She lights the candles and asks him to cut the cake, which she made especially for him. Kunal cuts the cake. Nandini recollects the old days and tells Kunal about Mauli and her college fun. She shows how Mauli used to dance often in college. Everyone laughs seeing Mauli’s type of careless dance. Nandini shares some moments and memories of Mauli and her. The family gets a good laugh hearing the old tales.

Kundali Bhagya:
Dr. Seema threatens to reveal Sherlyn’s secret to Karan and Preeta, but Sherlyn pushes her and hits stethoscope stand on Dr. Seema’s head and makes her injured. Prithvi manages to fool Preeta, however Karan is unconvinced about his truth and understands Prithvi is lying to protect his truth. Sherlyn tries to run away. Prithvi sees her and thinks Karan and Preeta will see her.

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