Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Suwarna to meet with a fatal accident

Suwarna asks Kirti YRKKH on Star Plus

Manish calls up Dadi and tells her that Suwarna is at the college, she has gone to surprise Kartik. He asks Dadi to do something and stop Suwarna. Dadi asks him to deal with the consequences, as they can’t be afraid of Suwarna now, they have to unite the families and KaiRa, the situation should change, and this is fate because of which Suwarna went there this way. Suwarna gets clueless about Kirti’s anniversary party. She calls up Kirti to know about the party. She wishes Kirti on her anniversary. Kirti doesn’t tell her about the party with KaiRa. Suwarna asks Kirti how did they celebrate the anniversary. Kirti lies to her. Suwarna feels hurt that the entire family lied to her. She rushes to meet Kartik. Naira gets a hope to dance again, and thinks to get the surgery done. She gets happy with Kartik’s efforts. Manish and Dadi fear for Suwarna’s reaction. They wish all the problems to end in Kartik’s life.

Kartik and Naira look forward to meet each other. Naitik also feels its too much now. Lav and Kush get tired of helping elders and inform Suwarna that they want to come back home. Kartik and Naira meet in the chemistry lab to avoid the students. They don’t realize that they are being watched by the students.

Naira thanks Kartik for consulting the doctor. She agrees to get the treatment done. Kartik saves her from getting hurt by the chemical container. They have a moment. Suwarna looks for Kartik everywhere in the college. She fears that she will lose Kartik forever. Surekha picks her sons from Singhania house and gets into an argument with them. She scolds the kids for complaining about the elders. She deals with the matter in a right way, which pleases Singhanias.

Surekha apologizes on their behalf. She asks the kids to always assist the elders. Naira tells Kartik that she would tell him about her leg injury. They get disturbed by the students, who catch them romancing in the lab. Kunal and Tanvi also get to see them together. Tanvi gets upset with Naira. Kartik scolds the students for talking ill about Naira.

The students get taunting Naira for romancing a professor. Suwarna gets to see Kartik with Naira, and rushes out of the college. Surekha learns about a party with her friends. She doesn’t like to attend the kitty party. She wishes to spend time with Singhanias. Kirti gets surprised seeing the change in Surekha. The students ask Kartik to change his behavior. Kartik and Naira get upset when the students get against their bonding. Kartik takes a stand for Naira. Suwarna feels cheated by Kartik. She wonders if she was too unfair with Kartik that he chose to lie to her, than being truthful about his life changes.

Kartik asks Naira not to think about the students’ taunts. He learns that Suwarna has come to meet him. He realizes that Suwarna might have seen him with Naira. He goes to see Suwarna. Suwarna cries in anger and drives away in the car. She gets a stroke in tension and meets with a fatal accident. Naira sees Suwarna and rushes her to the hospital.

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