Ishqbaaz and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai to get heartbreaking tracks

Ramayan track in Yeh Rishta

Shivay learns Anika’s move to stop Daksh and Priyanka’s marriage. He scolds her for creating obstacles in the marriage. He catches Anika and confronts her for her plottings. He asks her to clear her wrong thinking about Daksh. Shivay witnesses Anika and Nikhil’s shagun rasam. He gets hurt and doesn’t know the reason. Anika goes after him. He blames her for not doing her duties well. He doesn’t listen to her. Nikhil takes Anika with him. Shivay feels he has lost something in his life. He wonders why he is getting jealous seeing Anika with Nikhil. Anika and Shivay yearn for each other, unaware of their eternal bond. Shivay and Anika are going to get married to different partners. They have feelings for each other, but have unspoken love moments all the time.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Suwarna gets a big shock seeing Naira with Kartik. She meets with an accident. Naitik gets angry when Surekha blames Naira for the accident. Naitik defends her and tells them that Naira was cancelling her admission when she learnt that Goenka has taken over the college. Surekha tells him that she didn’t mean to hurt Naira, its just that Suwarna will not be happy to see Naira with them. She clears the misunderstandings. Naitik tells them that Naira will not tolerate anything more, she can’t be at fault at the time. Suwarna feels Kartik and Naira were secretly meeting in Mumbai. Kirti tells Surekha that Suwarna has chosen the flat for Kartik, Kartik wasn’t there to select his accommodation.

Naksh gets angry hearing the arguments. He tells them that Naira and Kartik turned to neighbors coincidentally, Naira can’t be held responsible, Manish and everyone have hidden this from Suwarna, Naira didn’t hide the truth ever. Naitik doesn’t want Naira to sacrifice her self-esteem. He takes Naira with him. Kartik and Naira get away once again. Naitik asks Naira not to worry, everything will get fine and this time the destiny will decide whatever is better for her. He asks her to leave everything on Lord. He can’t see Goenkas insulting Naira all the time. Surekha clarifies to Manish that she didn’t mean to call Naira wrong. Manish also supports Naira. He tries to stop Naitik and Naira. Kartik sees Naira gone. He doesn’t know about the arguments between the families. He stays tensed for Suwarna’s state. The divorce twist will incorporate bigger drama.



  1. Gonekha ko lagta hai sirf wahii sahii hai.. iss bar naira ki kya galti hai…phir unhune sara blame naira pa dala… now i hate kartik also woh bhi apni family ki tara huwa hai jab uss k sath koyi nhi tha naira ne usska saath diya.. naira ki mom Akshara ka accident bhi gonekhas ne accident kiya tha naira ne maaf kiya tha….naira ne kuch nhi kiya tha…

  2. Ok I dont think I have seen an indian serial that knows the sanctity of marriage…All they promote is division..akways some drama…who on earth has to choose between loved ones so much…I will stick to my western one gets involved in others personal matters..


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