Piyaa Albela: Double trouble for Pooja with Angraj’s tricky return

Pooja finds Naren

Angraj plans to kill Naren and takes his place in Pooja’s life. He wants to take CM post and also Pooja to his side. Pooja saves Naren with Danish’s help and faces the goons attack. She warns Angraj on call and tells that Pooja and Naren are one and not separate. She tells Danish about Naren’s life in danger and seeks his help. Naren invites her to his Pre-victory party. She decides to search for Angraj and be around Naren so that she can get any clue against Angraj and also she can protect Naren. She goes to the Pre – victory party thrown by Naren. Naren is confident of his victory and gets upset seeing Pooja.

Pooja reminds him that she came on his invitation, and asks what is her mistake. She says if he is getting hurt by her presence then she will leave. Naren holds her face and asks if she will leave without seeing her insult in his party when the elections results come. Rahul and Surbhi call Dr. Kiran who got Angraj’s plastic surgery done. Angraj is fed up with plaster on his face. Rahul says after Naren’s death, Angraj will have a new birth. Angraj got his plastic surgery to get Naren’s face. Rahul, Surbhi, and Neelima have been helping him in his wicked plan.

During the party, Pooja makes Naren wear a special garland. She searches for Angraj. Suddenly, electricity goes off, Naren comes to check the fuse with Rahul. He wonders why the fuse is fallen down. Rahul switches off the torch. Naren picks the fuse and asks why did you switch off torch? Rahul says so that you couldn’t put on the fuse and Vyas empire’s heir dies. Naren is shocked, but before he could react, Rahul hits rod on Naren ‘s head. Naren faints and falls down. Rahul plans to kill Naren and hide his body so that Angraj go in front of everyone as Naren. Angraj wants to get Pooja hiding his identity and taking Naren’s place in everyone’s lives. He wants to rule on Vyas empire and on Pooja’s heart by taking Naren’s avatar.


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