Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Nandini to break away from past burdens

Silsila: Rajdeep to plot Nandini's character assassination

Nandini dines with Kunal and Mauli. She shares her future plans. Nandini and Kunal like the food made by Mauli. Kunal tells Nandini that Mauli cooks for a few times but she always amazes him. Mauli tells Nandini that she has cooked the food to make her happy. She doesn’t want Nandini to stay sad. Mauli lets Kunal leave his diet and have the food well. Nandini sees Kunal’s immense love for Mauli. She feels jealous. She thinks she has missed such a life partner in life. Nandini recalls Rajdeep, who made her life hell. Nandini gets scared of Rajdeep once again. She shuts the windows and turns panicking. Kunal asks Nandini the reason for her odd behavior. He then pacifies her. He helps her and asks her to just think of progressing in life. Rajdeep is trying his best to get Nandini back home.

Nandini gets a new hope after a long time. She tries to get herself free from Rajdeep’s bad memories. She breaks her mangalsutra after recollecting the bad phase of her life. She welcomes a new happiness and wants to live her dreams. Mauli gets happy that Nandini has set herself free from the past burdens. Kunal watches Nandini and silently supports her. Kunal starts falling for her. Kunal and Nandini’s story will begin.


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