Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer to please Zara by rectifying his mistakes

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Kabeer feels he has done wrong to ask Zara to leave from the inauguration function. Zara is much hurt and doesn’t want to get convinced so soon. She wants Kabeer to try harder and rectify his mistake. Kabeer wants to cancel their divorce. She is ready to give him a final chance. Kabeer meets Zara’s family. He apologizes to her dad for his bad behavior in the Shariah board meet. He clarifies his step and expects him to understand. He accepts his mistakes and feels sorry to raise his tone in front of elders. He promises to control his anger from now on.

He is keeping his promise to keep Zara happy for the next 26 days. He is much hurt by Zara’s statements. He now focusses on doing everything that pleases Zara. Zara’s dad scolds Kabeer. Zara tells him that Kabeer has realized his mistake and is apologizing, so they should forgive him for this. Kabeer makes breakfast for her. He waits patiently till she finishes off her prayers. Zara likes the food, but doesn’t praise him. He understands that she is willingly not acknowledging his efforts.

Zara defends Kabeer. Zara’s dad forgives Kabeer. He wishes Kabeer to keep Zara happy and end their differences. Kabeer tells Zara that he will not repeat his unpleasant rude behavior again. Zara trusts him. She asks Kabeer to never break her trust, else her love for him may not be the same. Kabeer doesn’t want to upset Zara. He shows his emotional side. He tells Zara that her words has deeply affected him. Kabeer and Zara put their efforts to save their relationship. Zara’s dad wants Kabeer to publicly apologize to Zara. He doesn’t want to hurt Kabeer’s emotions. He then drops his ego and listens to Zara.



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