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Roop wins cycle race and celebrate his parents’ marriage anniversary. Shamsher selects a guy for Himani and decides to get her married to him. Bua gets happy and asks if the marriage is fixed. Kamla is clueless and asks whose marriage. Bua tells that they are talking about Himani’s marriage. Shamsher says he likes the guy and gets Himani married to him. He adds that Himani will go to a good house. Kamla is skeptical about the guy whom she haven’t seen yet. Roop hears Shamsher and tells that Himani and he will first meet the guy and decide. Shamsher gets upset with Roop. Roop sees the pic and thinks the guy is not suitable for Himani as she wants her husband to be loving, caring and gentle like him.

Bepannaah: Zoya couldn’t meet Aditya at airport and he leaves for Paris. She gets teary eyes. Her father is hopeful that the new day will bring new sunshine in her life. Her mother gives her jewellery. Zoya gets ready for her marriage and says Qubool Hai.



Mauli wonders what Nandini wants to do, but she doesn’t want to face. They go to the chaat stall and have Pani puri. Mauli gets mehendi applied on Nandini’s hand though she refuses. Mauli tells her that Rajdeep is not here to stop her from having mehendi applied. Nandini hears someone calling Rajdeep and gets scared with the thought of seeing him.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Preeti gets tensed on knowing about Bela and Anand’s surprise birthday party for Naina. They all wait for Naina to come. Bela asks Preeti why Naina haven’t come, special classes must be over by now. Preeti prays to God to send Naina fast. Naina celebrates her birthday with Sameer and comes home late. She misses the party thrown by Anand and Bela and feels guilty of breaking their trust and hiding about Sameer from them. They all get upset with Naina and asks her why she came late.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Abhi hears Purab talking to the Estate agent about selecting a house for them. He gets shocked and asks Purab why did he decide to leave the house. Purab tells him that there are some reasons which he can’t talk about. Abhi understands Aaliya’s hand behind his decision. He confronts Aaliya. He then packs his bags and informs his family members that he will shift with Purab, Disha and Sunny in their house. Tanu asks Aaliya to stop Abhi and Purab, and tells that if Purab leaves from here, then she will lose chance to get him for forever. Aaliya apologizes to Purab and stops him. Abhi tells everyone that Purab is very dear to him and is like his brother and he can’t think of his life without Purab, Sunny and Disha.

Kundali Bhagya:
Preeta tells Karan that she is sure that Sherlyn was inside Doctor’s cabin. Sarla asks Shristi about Preeta and asks where did she go? Shristi tells Sarla that Preeta and Karan searching proofs against Sherlyn, as the latter is pregnant with someone’s child. She tells her that Sherlyn is cheating on Rishabh and the baby is not his. Sarla gets shocked. Shrishti didn’t tell her about Prithvi as she didn’t have proofs and she doesn’t want to make Sarla worried.

Piyaa Albela:
Rahul hits on Naren’s head and makes him unconscious. Angraj and Rahul have planned to kill Naren. Rahul misunderstands Naren and is helping Angraj thinking Naren wants to kill him. Naren gets unconscious. Pooja finds Naren missing and searches him. Angraj gets ready to come in front of everyone as Naren.


Harak Singh gets a call and asks Veeran to wipe the partition line. He tells Preeto that her mother is coming home. Preeto and Others get surprised. Harak Singh tells her that Nani doesn’t know about Harman and Soumya’s marriage truth and they shall hide it from her. They decide to hide Soumya’s kinnar truth from her.

Bitti Business Wali:

Laddo Singh understands Dadi’s plan when Mahi asks him to go to Bitti’s house and asks for her hand in marriage for him. Mahi tells him that Dadi will agree to the alliance only if he takes the proposal. Laddo Singh comes to Bitti’s house, messes up the things in their house, and warns Dadi. He tells her that he understands her plan to take revenge on him. Dadi tells him that she is seeing a helpless father in front of her. Laddo Singh shouts and says he will never agree to make Bitti as his bahu. Dadi tells him that she will not let her granddaughter marry in a goons family.

Kritika misunderstands Ranbir and challenges to get him punished in front of Akki. Ranbir hears her and gets upset. Jiana informs her family that Kritika is fighting the case against Ranbir supporting Malishka’s accusations. Pummy and Arun are shocked. Arun shows faith in Ranbir and tells that the guy is simple and can’t do anything wrong with any girl. Kritika asks why do they think that girls trap rich guys and tells that Malishka is innocent.

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