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    Jiji Maa

    Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai:
    Ulta Pradesh gets the invited guests. Some UFOs land in the state. The people get shocked seeing the aliens, who come there to see the fertile land. Khoji presents the shocking news about the aliens coming. Puttan informs Chaitu that aliens have come in the state and he was attacked by them on the way to home. The family gets worried for Puttan’s wounds and care for him. Chaitu meets the aliens and invites them home for the stay. He asks the family to look after the aliens well. The aliens fail to go to any research centre and reside at Chaitu’s house.

    Mayavi Maling: Angad gets caught with his glowing hands. Shil Aditya scolds Angad for cheating them and getting away with the magical potion. He wants Pranali to punish Angad, as she holds the highest authority as a queen. Pranali gets hugely disappointed that Angad cheated her. She didn’t expect him to lie so much. Angad lies to them that Kalindi made him use the potion. He tells Shil Aditya that he really wants to help Pranali. He goes ahead to the blocks of the secret chamber and places his hands to unlock Pranali. Pranali gets freed. Shil Aditya asks Angad to carry on the rituals.


    Bhagat tells his mum that the britishers will never accept the mercy plea, their death is destined now. He asks his mum not to be selfish to think for him, rather than the country. Bhagat succeeds to change the prison’s state. He gets happy with that he achieved by his patience and courage. Bhagat tells Rajguru that he wants to be born in a free India in his next birth. He accepts the death sentence. Veer Bhadra tells John Knott Bower about Chandra Shekhar Azad, who is visiting Allahabad. The CID reaches there to capture Azad. Veer Bhadra reveals Azad’s looks to the sketch artist to get his picture made. CID gets help to track down Azad. They realize that they have spotted Azad many times, but failed to identify the king of disguises.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman lies to Ishita that he has applied the balm already, he is fine and doesn’t need any massage. She tells him that she knows everything, he is bearing the pain for no reason. She scolds him like a kid and makes him get a pain relief. She massages his back and relieves his pain. Raman falls asleep. She happens to get her phone and thinks if it has the same screensaver still. She doesn’t find her picture. She misses their old moments. She wants Raman and her relation to get fine. She recollects a past moment and tries to put the same unlock code to check his phone. Raman wakes up and finds her spying in his phone. He asks her to stop her doubtful mind and just mind her own business. She gets sad that Raman has changed everything in his life. They have an argument.

    Jiji Maa:

    Uttara receives a big shock when Falguni plays with the property papers, which hands in Suyash’s hands. Suyash reads the papers. Niyati stops Falguni and tells her that she will get a bigger plane for her. Suyash and Jayant get upset with Uttara after reading the papers. Niyati thinks its coincidence that Falguni found the papers in Uttara’s locker. Uttara gets relieved that Jayant’s dad original will is still not found by them. Jayant questions Uttara about hiding the will. She tells him that she has a reason to do this, and she hopes that Suyash and he will understand her. She reveals that she didn’t wish her sons to fight for the property, she didn’t wish the truth to come out and break Vidhaan’s heart, as the entire property is just meant for Suyash’s child.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Suwarna gets heartbroken with Kartik’s move. She tells him that he would have not lied to his real mum, like he cheated her. She feels that he has proved that she isn’t his mum, so she didn’t bother to him, he didn’t feel the need to inform him about his relation with Naira. He sees her vulnerable state and gets worried. He asks her to calm down. Suwarna gets critical while talking to him. She asks him to stay with Naira and have a life as he wants. She asks Kartik to let her be alone. Kartik tells Suwarna that there is nothing between Naira and him. He asks her to trust him, he isn’t with Naira, they can never be any future for them. He apologizes and consoles her to get her back to normal state. Naira overhears Kartik deciding for their lives again. She gets too upset and rushes out.


    Shivay feels sorrowful seeing Anika’s alliance fixing. He deals with his unknown and unrealized feelings for Anika. He asks her to come out and talk to him for a minute. Anika asks him if there is anything important to talk. He spares her and lets her stay in the outhouse. He doesn’t want to spoil her happiness. She asks him to stop Priyanka and Daksh’s marriage, as Daksh is a cheap minded guy. She tells him that he will regret later when he knows the truth. He asks her if she is sure about Nikhil’s character and can guarantee to him. She tells him that she is asking him to think about his sister’s happiness. He asks her to address him as Shivay. Nikhil steals Anika back from him. Shivay feels bad seeing them together.

    Krishna Chali London:

    Shukla hurts his wife because of Krishna. Krishna tries to talk out, but none pays attention to her. Shukla leaves the food in anger. Radhe’s mum asks Krishna how much will she insult them. Krishna doesn’t understand her mistake. Radhe’s mum feels their fate got cursed that Krishna came in their family. She punishes Krishna and takes away the food plate from her. She asks Krishna to remember the house arrest. Radhe fails to take a stand for Krishna. He also leaves the food for the sake of Krishna. Krishna feels like she has fallen between mad people. She asks Radhe what’s his family’s problem. She tells him that Bua left already, if she is living at Saajan’s house, what was the need for Shukla to throw food at his wife. He doesn’t know what to say. He steals food and gets for her. She asks him about his strange family. He tells her that he has got pickles for her.

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