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Ishqbaaz: Shivay and Anika come together once again by the twist of fate. Shivay and Tia are getting engaged. Anika manages all the arrangements for the engagement. She tries to perfect things to please Shivay, since he gets upset with her on Daksh’s matter. Tia’s engagement ring gets delivered at home. Shivay asks Anika to try the ring. Anika asks how can I wear this ring. He says I just have to see how this ring looks, if I don’t like it, I can get it changed by the jeweller in time. He asks her to wear it. She resists. He makes her wear the ring. The ring gets stuck in Anika’s finger. She tells him that the ring isn’t getting off. He holds her hand and tries to get the ring. They have a moment.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:

Reva gets heartbroken by Samar’s cheat. She sheds tears when she learns about Samar’s marriage. Rithvik and Vijay break the sad news to her. They tell her that Reva won’t get married. Vijay tells her that he scolded Samar and told him that he doesn’t deserve Reva. She asks him what’s the matter. He tells her that Samar married someone else. She gets angry knowing about Samar and Radhika’s marriage. She loves Samar a lot. She tells them that she wants Samar at any cost. She doesn’t know how to react. She gets adamant. They explain her that Samar isn’t suitable for her. Rithvik cries seeing her silent sorrow. The family consoles Reva.

Jiji Maa:
Falguni gets the property papers from Uttara’s cupboard. She makes paper planes out of it. Uttara realizes this when she spots one plane. Falguni asks Suyash to play with her. Suyash makes the plane for her and gets to see the papers. He gets shocked and shows it to Jayant as well. Jayant asks Uttara about the property papers made by his dad. Uttara does a sad drama to get everyone on her side. She fools them by acting great. Suyash and Falguni have a moment when they share the chocolates. He cleans up her face when she gets messy.

Tu Aashiqui:

Ahaan learns that Vikram is launching new artists. He asks Vikram to sign up Pankti and launch her as well. Vikram doesn’t agree with Ahaan. He justifies his decision. He tells Ahaan that Pankti’s public image isn’t clean for her to get associated with JMD company. He doesn’t want Pankti to get any risk for his business. Ahaan gets angry when Vikram reminds him that Pankti was JD’s mistress. Anita gets troubled when everyone just disrespects her. Pankti promises Anita that she will make the world see her just as a singer, by changing her image by her singing talents.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Mariam is excited for Mahira and Zain’s marriage. Khan and Ashraf families meet once again for the engagement ceremony of Mahira and Zain. Zain gets happy to see Mahira, who he dearly loves. Mahira wishes the engagement stops by some motive. Mahira unwilling exchanges the rings and gets engaged to Zain. Everyone gets happy, except Mahira. Meher forces Mahira and removes the ring gifted by Rihaan from Mahira’s finger. She stops Mahira from telling anyone about Rihaan. Meher covers up Mahira’s act. Mariam likes Aayat’s presence in the party. Aayat is Mariam’s mum, who wants to take her away to Lahore to save her son Jibraan, who needs to be operated to survive.

Piyaa Albela:
Rahul and Angraj have an argument when they fail to kill Naren. Angraj wants to get rid of the bandages and claim Naren’s identity to win Pooja. Pooja thinks she has finally protected Naren and saved him from Angraj. Pooja and Naren look forward to unite, but Angraj and Rahul attack Naren. Angraj takes Naren’s place in Pooja’s life. Pooja realizes Naren’s different touch and makes him away. She questions his identity and learns that he is actually Angraj with Naren’s looks to trick the family. Pooja gets a bigger task to prove Angraj wrong by unmasking the new Naren.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Mandira and Vijay got married. Mandira finally wins her love. She doesn’t care for Vijay’s emotions. He suffocates her neck in anger and asks for the MMS video. He scolds her for falling so low and blackmailing him for marriage. She tells him that though the marriage is unwanted, she will always be his first love. He raises hand on her and tells her that she can’t do such a cheap thing by risking a woman’s respect. She tells him that she will make the MMS go viral if he hurts her and disobeys. She asks him to keep a smile on his face. She says you know what I can do. She knows he can do anything for Vasu and family.

Kundali Bhagya:
Preeta and Karan get close to know Sherlyn’s truth. Sherlyn injures the doctor to save herself. Prithvi gets upset with her for her wrong move. The doctors attend Seema and try to normalize her. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that she had to attack Seema to stop her from meeting Preeta. Seema gets conscious, which brings new hopes for Preeta. Preeta wants to know the relationship truth of Prithvi and Sherlyn. Sherlyn worries that she will get exposed. Prithvi gets troubled by Sanju, and misses to protect his truth from Karan.

Siddhi Vinayak:
Siddhi gets close to find Manjiri’s truth. She suspects on Manjiri further when she gets clued about Kanta’s accident. She tries to find out from Juhi. Manjiri worries that Siddhi is reaching the truth. She plans to get Siddhi and Vin killed, as they don’t matter to her now. She is happy to get all the property named to her by Vin. She doesn’t get grateful to Vin and plans his death. She calls up an assassin and orders him to kill Vin. She herself plans to kill Siddhi. She lays some current wires in the house temple, where she sends Siddhi for prayers. Siddhi gets close to get in contact with the open wires.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:

Akhilesh turns worried when Ira calls up Pushpa in a drunken state and tells all the truth about her big mistake of ruining Akhilesh’s life. Ira admits that she is the doctor who did the wrong operation, whom Pushpa was finding till now to punish. She asks Pushpa to punish her. She doesn’t think of anything, as she is getting separated from Akhilesh forever. Akhilesh doesn’t want to leave Ira. He plans to propose her for marriage post a love confession. He hopes that Ira will accept him.

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