Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Mandira succeeds to achieve her love

Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Mandira gets alert about fraud Daai

Mandira and Vijay got married. Mandira finally wins her love. She doesn’t care for Vijay’s emotions. He suffocates her neck in anger and asks for the MMS video. He scolds her for falling so low and blackmailing him for marriage. She tells him that though the marriage is unwanted, she will always be his first love. He raises hand on her and tells her that she can’t do such a cheap thing by risking a woman’s respect. She tells him that she will make the MMS go viral if he hurts her and disobeys. She asks him to keep a smile on his face. She says you know what I can do. She knows he can do anything for Vasu and family.

Mandira shocks him by keeping the reception party. She asks him to kiss her during the party so that nobody doubts on their forced marriage. Vijay hurts himself and avoids Mandira.

He wants to make her realize that she has done wrong with him, and this isn’t true love. Mandira attends the guests. Vijay imagines Bulbul. Mandira and Vijay perform in the party. Mandira threatens Vijay. He finds her mad and agrees to do anything she tells him. Bulbul is unhappy with the reception. Vijay knows her pain and intentionally ignores her. He poses with Mandira for the pictures. Mandira tries to grow Bulbul more jealous. Mandira feels she has achieved Vijay forever.


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