Jiji Maa: Niyati to bring Suyash-Falguni closer


Uttara hopes to get the original will. She tells Jayant that she has some back ache. He asks for the cash to pay to his NGO. She gives him the cash. She sees the will and expresses her feelings. She wants to get the will as soon as possible, so that she can kick out everyone from the house. Falguni finds a teddy in Suyash’s room. Niyati talks to her and tricks her to make her sleep in Suyash’s room. Falguni agrees to sleep in Suyash’s room. Uttara wants Falguni to sleep in her room.

Falguni refuses to her, just by obeying Niyati. Niyati tells Uttara that Falguni won’t come to her. Suyash doesn’t wish Falguni to leave. Falguni tells him that she will sleep with the teddy. She asks him to share the room. Uttara gets unhappy seeing them. Suyash asks Uttara to let Falguni sleep if she wants. Uttara fails to take away Falguni. Niyati asks Uttara to go and sleep in peace, as Falguni won’t trouble her. Uttara gets angry bearing Niyati’s taunts. Suyash sings a lullaby to comfort Falguni. He puts her to sleep. They have a moment.

Uttara thinks to show Niyati who is the head of the house. She starts emotionally blackmailing Falguni and lies to her about Yamraj coming to take her to heaven. She lies that Yamraj can leave her if anyone else goes in her place. Falguni asks Uttara not to die. She gets ready to die in her place. Uttara asks Falguni to cut her wrist and go with Yamraj. Falguni agrees to her. Niyati interrupts them to stop. Uttara teaches her a lesson. She tells Falguni that Yamraj got emotional seeing their sefless love and spared their lives. She asks Niyati to realize how her drama can ruin Falguni’s life. She limits Niyati by scaring her about Falguni once again. She asks Niyati to just remember and obey her if she wants to see Falguni fine. Niyati gets worried for Falguni. She prays for Falguni’s recovery. Falguni opens Uttara’s safe and gets the will papers. She unknowingly shows it to Suyash and Jayant. Uttara gets trapped big time.


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