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Meera gets scolding from Dolly. Dolly asks Meera why was she with Vivaan, when they got divorced. Dolly feels Meera has done wrong. She asks Meera why is she confused about Vivaan. She asks Meera to maintain some distance. Roma sends goons to Meera’s house. The goon tries to stab Meera. Meera tries to see the goon’s face. He stays masked. She tries to get free. The goon hurts her. Vivaan learns about the matter and tries to meet her. She gets angry on him and asks him to get out of her house. Vivaan tries to explain that he is just her well-wisher. They have a moment. She doesn’t want more troubles in her life. She tells Vivaan that she did a mistake to believe him before, and now he can’t trust him. He is also fed up of Meera’s anger and wants to end this soon.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai:
Anushka and Siddhant get drunk. Anushka wants to refuse to Vedant’s love. Siddhant doesn’t want this. They will be seen having a rainy romance. Anushka confesses love to Siddhant. They come close. Their love life will having a new start.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja makes Naren wear the garlands. She expresses her love. She wants to protect Naren. She installs a GPS system in the garland. She doesn’t want to take any chance with Naren’s life. She tracks Naren by GPS and follows him, to ensure his safety from Angraj. Naren gets upset with her. He has no idea what’s Pooja planning and why. She knows Angraj is planning to kill Naren, and has to fail Angraj’s motives.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika tries to revive Sahil from coma and get him regain his memory. Manjula stops her and asks her to focus on her marriage with Yash. She tells Vedika that if Sahil gets fine, Vedika will lose everything in her life. She doesn’t want to lose the comforts. Yash asks Vedika does she really want to meet Sahil and make him recover. Vedika tells him that Sahil has done a lot for her, and whatever she is, its because of Sahil, she owes him a lot. She asks Yash not to stop her, she has to help Sahil. She explains the need of the hour, as Sahil needs to get conscious within 24 hours.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer and his dad have an argument. Kabeer wants to unite with Zara. He goes against his dad. He tells him that he has taken Zara to meet her dad. Miraj and Zeenat try to separate Kabeer and Zara. Kabeer’s dad asks him not to go out since he isn’t totally recovered. He asks Kabeer to take some rest at home. He doesn’t like Kabeer to meet Zara’s family. Kabeer gets upset with his dad. Zara tries to stop Kabeer.

Aarti has tried to hide Muskaan from the family so that Muskaan doesn’t adapt a life like her. Muskaan gets compelled to run out of the room, when the police searches the house for nabbing a criminal. The hide and seek comes to an end. Aarti gets away from home for Muskaan’s school admission. She gets happy when she finally gets her admitted in a good school. She wants Muskaan to study well and make her name. Tabassum gets to see Muskaan at home and gets a big shock. She recollects Aarti’s promise to her condition. She didn’t expect to get Muskaan home. Muskaan gets scared as she has lost the game. She has no idea about Aarti’s truth.

Krishna Chali London:

Krishna goes to police station and takes Lali along to get Gajanan punished. She has to stop the injustice happening in Shukla house. Shukla scares Lali and makes her change the statement. Lali lies to the inspector and frees Gajanan. Krishna asks Lali why is she doing this, why is she saving her husband. Shukla tells the inspector that he respects the law a lot, he will never break laws. Lali gets silent. Krishna feels Lali should have shown courage as well. Krishna fails to get justice for Lali. Gajanan goes home with his family. Radhe’s mum attempts suicide as part of her drama. Radhe and entire family tries to stop her.


Anika repeatedly tells Shivay that Daksh isn’t the right person for Priyanka. She suggests him to understand the truth and stop the marriage to save Priyanka’s future. Shivay calms down his anger, on seeing her marriage getting fixed. He feels bad in his heart and wonders why. He asks Anika if she can guarantee about Nikhil’s character. He asks her not to doubt on Daksh, as they didn’t find any proof against him. Shivay dislikes Nikhil, who interrupts between their talk. Shivay asks Anika to call him just Shivay, when he feels that she can be trusted.


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