Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: IshRa to rekindle their love; Simmi to plan another shocker


Simmi’s maid Manjiri tells Simmi that Mrs. Iyer fooled her by joining the astrologer. Simmi gets angry knowing the truth and decides to take revenge from Ishita. She comes up with an evil plan. She asks Manjiri to do her work and follow her orders. She bribes the maid. Raman asks Romi if he is joining the rival company. He gets angry that Romi is insulting them this way. Romi tells Raman that he was just considering the offer. Manjiri steals Raman’s phone while he stays busy in the argument. Simmi wants to teach a lesson to Iyers. Simmi calls up her friend and reveals her plan. Iyers spend time with Ishita. Ishita gets happy to find her same place in the family. She tells her parents that Romi is facing a financial problem, and she wants to help him by giving her investments. They allow her to go ahead.

Romi tells Mihika that Raman always dominates him, which he doesn’t want. He tells her that he wants to end this and move out of the house. He feels no one cares for him and its time that they leave the house. Mihika stops him from packing their stuff. Ishita supports Romi. She asks him to leave the house and not tolerate any insult. She tells him that she has arranged the funds for him.

Romi refuses to take her help. He hates Ishita for killing Adi. She tells him that even if Adi isn’t between them, their relation is still the same. She insists him to accept the gift. Mihika scolds Ishita for encouraging Romi to leave the house. She asks Ishita why is she distancing Raman and Romi this way. She misunderstands Ishita. Ishita hides her real agenda and wishes that Romi changes his decision by his self will. Ishita waits for Raman. She realizes that Raman comes home late every day. Ishita thinks of tracking him and bringing him home. She finds Raman coming home drunk. She gets upset with his condition. He tells her that he loves her a lot. He mends his relation with her in the drunken state. They have a moment, which gets spotted by Simmi.

Simmi and Parmeet start creating a scene. Parmeet humiliates Raman. Raman asks Parmeet not to speak in his life. Ishita handles Raman and puts him to sleep. Simmi tells Parmeet that she has made a new plan against Raman, which will teach a lesson to Ishita and Iyers too. She is sure that Parmeet will be proud of her. Ishita tells Raman that he can’t come home drunk, as Roshni is staying with them, his bad habit can be a bad influence on the baby. Raman apologizes to them. She asks Raman to follow the house rules and quit drinking. Raman gets helpless to listen to her. The family gets hopeful that everything will get fine. A shock comes their way, when Tania barges him and blames Raman for recording her MMS.

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  1. For how long are we going to face Simms and param and their stupid failed attempts at destroying others? Hasn’t there been enough? Can’t they come up with another story to fill up the time? Like not killing Roshni as per the spoilers? Like Roshni facing the real Adi ? Simmi and param are useless and very tiring to watch.


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