Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira decide to part ways

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Naira doesn’t want to have any new hopes of reconciliation. She tells Suwarna that she has decided to part ways with Kartik, she doesn’t want to come between Suwarna and Kartik. She finds it tough to tell Kartik. Kirti gets disturbed seeing the papers. She asks Naira not to divorce Kartik, as this will end their relation forever. She asks Naira not to let their emotions control them into making wrong decisions. Naira tells Kirti that its better that they end relations and move on in life, as Suwarna also wants the same. She wants the wait to end somewhere. She tells Kirti that Kartik still has bitterness in his heart even when they kept meeting each other. She feels the good emotions got replaced by hatred, so its better that they get separated and end the old things. She wants to forget Kartik and move on. She doesn’t think Kartik will unite with her.

Kartik gets to overhear Naira and Kirti’s conversation. He gets angry on knowing her divorce decision. Naira tells Kirti that there won’t be any interference and problems in their lives post divorce. Kirti feels bad for them. Kartik feels hurt by her move. He angrily signs the papers, breaking the seven vows of their marriage. Naira gets more hurt seeing him signing the papers. He gives her the papers and asks her to sign as well. He fulfills her wish. He gets too heartbreak to confront her about ending their relation.

Naira doesn’t want their stagnant relation to bound them, since he cleared out that they have no future together. Naira takes the step just for Suwarna’s sake. Manish and Dadi learn the news and get upset that Naira broke all their hopes. They don’t judge her wrong, as Kartik also wanted this for Suwarna’s sake.

Dadi was hoping Naira to join their relations back and explain Suwarna. She feels Naira should have put more efforts, she should have not hurried for the divorce, as this time Kartik didn’t ask for it. Naitik turns upset with Naira after knowing the truth from Naksh. He thinks she has crossed limits this time. He scolds her for ruining his trust and keeping him in darkness this way.

Kartik and Naira’s divorce breaks everyone’s hopes. Naira tells Naitik that she had no hopes from Kartik, as she has seen it herself. He tells her that he can understand everything, she has taken this decision for Suwarna’s sake. He asks her to think of her and Kartik’s relation, Suwarna’s relation doesn’t matter. Naitik and Kirti get angry on Naksh for not revealing this to them. Naksh tells them that Naira took the right decision as Kartik won’t keep Naira happy, Naira isn’t at peace in this relation. Naitik asks Naira why didn’t she try more to save the relation.

Naksh tells him that Suwarna hates Naira and Kartik will never take a stand for her. Naira tells Naitik that she left from Kartik’s life, as she isn’t in Kartik’s heart anymore. Naitik gets angry on her for taking her life’s important decision without telling him. He tells her that she should have taken his advice. He asks her if he doesn’t matter to her. He berates her for her decision. He gets annoyed with her. Naira fails to explain her stand. Naira and Kartik go through the pain of forever separation.


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