Tips on handling ADHD/hyperactive child


Hyperactive Children or Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder tend to be very restless and find it difficult to sit at one place. We should try to understand them and deal with them accordingly. They only want your attention. Try to listen to them carefully and avoid being rude. Parents have to make them understand the difference between right and wrong. Symptoms include inattentiveness, impulsivity and hyperactivity, but they differ from person to person.

Here’s how you spot hyperactivity in kids:
1. Hyperactive kids have difficulty in listening to or following directions.
2. They can’t sit back in their seats. They move around a lot.
3. They talk too much, or interrupt other people’s conversations.
4. Hyperactive kids fail to follow instructions, or do a step-by-step routine.
5. They are impulsive, overenthusiastic and bouncing with energy.

There are few points to keep in mind while dealing with such children.
1. Assign simple tasks: They are very active and should always remain occupied. This helps to channelize their energy and build interest. It makes them feel important and also help them to vent out their aggression.
2. Motivate them: Always encourage and motivate them to complete the given task. They get distracted easily, so give them rewards in the form of stars or smileys.
3. Practice Yoga: Encourage your child to practice Yoga and medication on a daily basis. This helps to calm them down and improves their concentration level.

4. Control your temper: We should always remain calm and firm with them. Sometimes you may lose patience, but never give in to their tantrums.
5. Positive response: We should always acknowledge them for a task well done. This will boast their self-esteem and they feel happy to be appreciated.
6. Adequate nutrition: We need to give them a diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals. They should have milk, nuts, fruits and green leafy vegetables. This will ensure proper growth.
7. Don’t control them: Don’t try to control them. Give them a chance to do things their way. They must be aware that they are answerable for everything they do.


  1. I am having a 7 year old daughter who is very hyperactive. I have read this article. Very nicely written and stated. I hope this article will help to deal with my daughter


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