Krishna Chali London: Radhe to perform a risky stunt to stop Krishna

Krishna Chali London Shocking Radhe to die in an accident

Krishna decides to leave Shukla house, as its getting too much for her to handle. Radhe tries hard to stop her. She doesn’t listen and books a cab to leave for Malihabad. He shouts to stop Krishna. She sits in the taxi. Radhe worries that he will lose Krishna. He is left with no option. He doesn’t care for his life. Radhe jumps from the terrace to stop her and falls over her taxi. He stops Krishna from leaving. He decides to support Krishna, as she is a right person. She tells him that she knows he is a nice person, she has no problem with him. She has a soft corner for him. Radhe makes her emotional. The family learns about Radhe’s jump-off stunt.

Radhe’s mum scolds Krishna for putting Radhe in trouble. Krishna goes back inside the house. Radhe promises her that he will try to strike her balance with the family. He raises a voice for the right. Krishna and Radhe celebrate Krishna’s birthday.

Radhe can do anything for Krishna. He brings her to Saajan’s house and gives her a surprise. Krishna likes the decorations. Everyone sings the birthday song for Krishna. Krishna smiles happily and feels like home by seeing her homely decor and ambience in Saajan’s house. She thanks Radhe for the lovely surprise. They have a dance. Radhe wants Krishna to forget the bad happenings in Shukla house. Radhe asks her not to worry for his family, he will manage everything. He goes against the family to surprise Krishna. He invites Krishna’s family as well.



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