Shakti: Soumya gets troubled by Nani’s big challenge

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Nani wants to see Harman and Soumya’s child. She isn’t aware that Soumya is a kinner. Harman avoids Nani and comes to stay with Soumya’s family for few days. Nani meets Harman at Soumya’s Maayka. She cross checks if Harman said true about Surbhi’s sickness. She finds that Surbhi is absolutely fine. She gets annoyed with Harman. Soumya tries to handle the situation. She asks Nani not to get upset, she will accompany her back to home. Nani gets Harman and Soumya with her.

Harak gets a chance to blame Soumya for the house partition. He gets into an argument with Soumya. Nani sees the family issues. She asks Preeto about it. She asks Preeto why is Harman still childhood. Preeto doesn’t reveal anything. Harak then diverts Nani. He asks Preeto to tell the truth to Nani and end her false hopes. Nani, Preeto and Soumya attend a baby shower function in neighborhood. A lady taunts Soumya to be childless.

Soumya gets upset on hearing the taunts. Nani slaps the lady angrily and challenges them to welcome Soumya’s child within a year. Soumya feels the pain that she can’t conceive a child. She sheds tears thinking of Nani’s expectations. Harman tries to hide her identity from Nani. He gets a fake doctor home so that Nani gets tricked about Soumya’s identity. Soumya looks after a toy and expresses her emotions to the toy. She then tells Harman that she has much sorrow in heart that she can never become a mother. Harman calms her down.


  1. pata nahi soumya ko kab tak yeh sab handle karna padhinge poor soumya
    but jab soumya ke saat harman hai darne ki kya baat hai


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