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Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira makes the food for everyone. Badi Dadi opposes her and asks everyone to leave the food. She wants Mandira to learn a lesson and know that she can’t get love by forcing them. Mandira forcibly feeds Badi Dadi. She asks for nek. Badi Dadi gives her a tip. Mandira asks her to apologize and rectify her mistake. She scolds Badi Dadi for insulting her. Vijay also asks Badi Dadi to apologize to Mandira. Badi Dadi apologizes to Mandira unwillingly. Mandira plans to make Badi Dadi out of the house. She feels her plans will work, as she has Vijay in her control. Mandira pretends love for Vijay in front of the family. Vijay is helpless to listen to Mandira. She doesn’t realize that she is doing wrong. She feels she is justified to get her love.


Suraj shoots at Chakor in the market and passes Colonel’s test. Suraj didn’t know that Chakor has come to support him. He regrets that Chakor came on his insistence. He wishes Chakor to get saved. Colonel praises Suraj for not thinking for a second and shooting a stranger.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Aayat gets ready to leave the house. Mariam doesn’t want Aayat to leave. She tries hard to convince Aijaz to stop Aayat. She feels Aayat is a nice person and should live with them. Aijaz doesn’t want Aayat to harm his family members. Mariam gets attached to Aayat. She requests everyone to stop Aayat. Aijaz doesn’t change his decision. Aayat uses everyone’s weakness Mariam. She plans to hurt Mariam, so that she can get a chance to stay back. Mariam calls out Aayat and runs after her to stop. She falls down the stairs in an attempt to stop Aayat. Mariam gets hurt. Everyone rushes to Mariam. Aayat manages to stay back in the family by using Mariam. Mariam is rushed to the hospital. Madiha and Majaaz try to see her once. On the other hand, Aayat makes a new plan. She gives blood to Mariam and saves her life.

Krishna Chali London:

Radhe shouts when doctor treats his leg injury. Shukla and his wife worry for Radhe. Radhe screams in pain. His mum asks why did he jump from the terrace. Radhe asks them to pity him and not scold him. Shukla asks Radhe to get fine soon, be strong and hopeful. Everyone thinks Radhe fell down accidentally and pity him. They don’t know that Radhe fell down for Krishna’s sake. Krishna feels bad for Radhe. She assists the doctor and learns the treatment for Radhe. Another dream of Radhe gets fulfilled when Krishna cares for him. Krishna starts believing in Radhe after his innocent doings. Radhe doesn’t realize the pain of his broken leg, since he is smitten by Krishna.


Soumya and Harman face a new problem because of Nani. They fail to fulfill’s Nani’s demand. Harman knows that Soumya can’t have a child. He worries that Nani’s hopes can hurt Soumya. Shanno wants to take advantage of this. The family gets into an argument over the new drama. Harak asks Preeto to put an end to this drama and explain her mum. Raavi and Preeto try to explain Nani. Raavi tells Nani that Harman will tell them if there is anything. Preeto agrees to call the doctor on her mum’s insistence. She asks Harman to call the doctor and let Soumya get the check up done, so that Nani’s doubts get clears. She asks Harman to make the call fast. Nani finds them suspicious. Surbhi becomes a fake doctor and meets the family for Soumya’s check up. She lies to Nani that Soumya is fine and will conceive soon. Surbhi does the drama and helps out Soumya.

Piyaa Albela:

The tribals torture Naren and put the blame on Pooja. Naren gets badly tortured. Kiran enters the place to save Naren. Kiran asks them not to kill Naren, as they still have to reap benefits from Naren’s helplessness. She tells Naren that Pooja has sent her to take his fingerprints so that she can unlock his laptop and know about the bank accounts. Naren can’t believe that Pooja stooped so low. Naren feels Pooja got him kidnapped. He asks Kiran why is Pooja doing this, what is her motives. Kiran lies to him about Pooja. Angraj intoxicates Pooja to get close to her. Pooja does strange things and makes him do sit ups. She troubles Angraj. Angraj gets raging that Pooja failed all his romance plans.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Miraj tries to kill Adnan. Zara gets tensed when Miraj threatens her. She finds Miraj with a gun. He tells her that its easy for him to knock down anyone. She tries to stop his evil intentions. She gets shocked that Miraj did drama till now and hidden his relationship truth. She realizes Miraj and Nilofer. Miraj tells her that if she doesn’t give divorce to Kabeer, he will kill Kabeer. She gets scared for Kabeer’s life, knowing Miraj is really mad and can do anything. She has to fight with Miraj to save Kabeer, their relation and family. She wants to win the battle. Miraj gets obsessed with Zara.

Kunal and Mauli have an argument over Nandini’s stay. Kunal explains her that Nandini should move on. Mauli doesn’t listen. Kunal gets a saree for Mauli, which she gives it to Nandini. He gets upset. She later realizes her mistake and apologizes to him, by doing sit ups. Kunal hugs her and gets rid of his anger. He is frustrated that he is liking Nandini. He doesn’t know why is he getting attracted to her, when he loves Mauli so much. He doesn’t realize his feelings.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Everyone suspects Sahil to be acting to lose his memory and come close to Vedika. But, Vedika feels they can’t conclude anything so soon. She takes care of Sahil. Manjula creates hurdles for Vedika. She makes someone else feed Sahil. Vedika is happy that Sahil recovered. She wants Sahil to become normal again. Sahil behaves like a kid in front of everyone. Sahil is really mocking unstable state with a motive to expose Yash.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

Rakesh’s suicide attempt comes as a shocker for Naina. She apologizes to him thinking he is shattered by Sameer and her love affair. She then realizes that Rakesh is upset over Arjun and Shefali’s affair. Rakesh feels humiliated and never thought Arjun will have an affair with someone. Anand tells Rakesh that they all will make Arjun understand and asks him not to worry. Rakesh tells that he was proud of him, not he is feeling ashamed of his son. Naina realizes that Rakesh was saved this time, but next time if he comes to know about Sameer and her love then nobody would be able to save him. She fears of losing him for her love. She decides to break up with Sameer to maintain peace at home and concentrate on her studies.


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