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Ranbir is about to lose the case. Pummy asks Kritika to listen to her heart and fight the case from Ranbir’s behalf. She tells that they all can’t be wrong and they all feel Ranbir can’t do such crime. She tells that Malishka must be the one who is accusing him falsely. Kritika thinks even her heart thinks he is innocent and thinks if she shall leave her job with Lawyer Vikas Sharma and fight Ranbir’s case as his defense lawyer. She thinks what to do and gets in dilemma. Balraj tells Batra that when he was making his dirty picture, he was working on his house property tax. He tells Batra that he will be in danger now, and says you have just 10 days. He asks him to fight the case and says nobody will save you and your daughter. Kritika decides to follow her heart and fight Ranbir’s case. She will learn about Malishka’s truth soon.

Savitri Devi:

Veer realizes Sanchi is blackmailed by Dr. Kabir and that’s why she was forced to marry him. He calls Sunny home. Sunny comes home thinking Dr. Kabir called him back. Gayatri identifies him and asks him to tell the truth to everyone. Everyone is waiting to hear from him. Veer waits for Sunny to tell the truth, but Dr. Kabir stops him and takes him with him. He warns Sunny and asks why did he return from London. Sunny tells him that he got a message from him. Dr. Kabir gets angry at Veer and tells Sanchi that they have to be careful from Veer. He asks Sunny to return. Veer determines to know the truth. Meanwhile, Pragya has developed feelings for Veer and struggles with her feelings. She misunderstands her sympathy and fondness for Veer as love.

Piya Albela:

Angraj plans to get intimate with Pooja in Naren’s avatar. Pooja gets doubtful on him and ruins his plan to send everyone to London. She calls her guards and gets everyone’s passports. Angraj panics and emotionally blackmails her to give his family passports. Pooja thinks why is he ignoring her touch and pretends to fall. Angraj holds her from falling down. Pooja senses his different touch and pushes him. She asks who is he? Angraj laughs. Pooja realizes that he is Angraj in Naren’s face. Angraj tells her that she can’t expose him and will never get any proofs against him. Pooja gets tensed and worries about Naren.


Kamla decides to leave the house being afraid of Shamsher’s decisions for her children. Shamsher gets Roop admitted in a boarding school and hopes his decision to separate him from his mother and sisters turn fruitful. He returns home and sees Kamla leaving the house. He stops them and asks Kamla to go with her daughters if she wants, but she can’t take Roop with her. Kamla is forced to stay back due to Roop. Shamsher tells everyone about his decision to send Roop far away from them to change his thinking. Kamla tries to change his decision, but he is adamant and asks her not to interfere. The show heads for a 12 years leap.

Bitti Business Wali:

Bitti insults Mahi so that he gets over his love and move on in his life, but Mahi’s love doesn’t stop him from loving her. He gets Gayatri’s suspension orders cancelled using his contacts. All family members get happy. Gayatri tells Dadi that Mahi got his suspension cancelled. Bitti gets upset and thinks this way Mahi will never leave their house. She shouts at him and tells that Mahi must have beaten someone to get the suspension cancelled. Mahi gets sad.


Shanno comes to Nani and tells her Soumya is a kinnar. Nani doesn’t hear her and comes to Soumya. Preeto and Harak Singh get upset with Shanno. Harman gets furious on Shanno for trying to reveal Soumya’s truth before Nani. Everyone at home tries to hide her identity.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya is coming to Sunny’s house as Kiara fell down from stairs. Kiara forgets her pain in Abhi’s company. Traffic police stop her car for breaking the signal. Kiara tells Abhi that if her Mumma came here, then she will ban on her entry and will imply her no entry in his house. Abhi says let her come, we will make your mum understand. Kiara says how to make you understand and tells that she loves him. Abhi gets touched by her love. Pragya manages to explain to the traffic police that she is in a hurry. Her car stops on the way. Abhi is going from there and stops seeing her. Pragya looks at Abhi. She doesn’t tell him about Kiara. However, upon reaching his home, she realizes it is Abhi’s house. She thinks whose son is Sunny.


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