Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Naina to breakup with Sameer


Rakesh’s suicide attempt comes as a shocker for Naina. She apologizes to him thinking he is shattered by Sameer and her love affair. She then realizes that Rakesh is upset over Arjun and Shefali’s affair. Rakesh feels humiliated and never thought Arjun will have an affair with someone. Anand tells Rakesh that they all will make Arjun understand and asks him not to worry. Rakesh tells that he was proud of him, not he is feeling ashamed of his son. Naina realizes that Rakesh was saved this time, but next time if he comes to know about Sameer and her love then nobody would be able to save him. She fears of losing him for her love. She decides to break up with Sameer to maintain peace at home and concentrate on her studies.

Arjun and Shefali’s affair comes to light in a wrong way when he tries to help Shefali. He took Shefali to her friend’s marriage in his car when she couldn’t rent a car for her friend. Their love is misunderstood wrongly when Police catch them on Rakesh’s complaint of missing car.

Arjun and Shefali get upset seeing Rakesh’s drama. They are made to separate from each other and sent to different places. Meanwhile, Mama ji and Mami don’t scold Sameer when he returns home. Poonam tells Sameer that nobody scolded him as he is a boy and asks him to think about his special friend who got late to reach home and tells that may be storm have come in her house now. Sameer gets worried about Naina. Naina breaks up with Sameer and ignores his calls. Sameer gets worried and thinks why she is ignoring his calls.


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