Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka (PicFiction): Rajdeep marks a return in Nandini’s life

Silsila OMG Mauli gets reminded of Rajdeep's evil

Rajdeep meets Nandini and Kunal at the bank. He behaves nicely with her and tries to convince her to return home. Kunal gets angry on Rajdeep and calls him a criminal. Kunal’s friend happens to be the bank manager. He calms down Kunal and reminds the bank rules. He tells Kunal that Rajdeep is the joint owner of Nandini’s locker and he has a right to access the locker, so he can’t be thrown out. Nandini receives a shock on seeing Rajdeep and gets scared. Rajdeep tells Nandini that he has changed now and he wants her back. He returns the jewelry to her. He tells her that she has the right on her jewelry. Nandini and Kunal don’t understand why Rajdeep is behaving such good.

Kunal doesn’t want Nandini to fall in a problem again. Kunal wishes Nandini to stay safe. Rajdeep tells Nandini that its her mum’s jewelry, and he knows its emotional value. Rajdeep promises to keep Nandini happy.

Nandini doesn’t trust him. Rajdeep asks her to take her time and take a decision for their relation. Rajdeep tries to melt Nandini’s heart. Kunal decides to support Nandini and not be selfish to throw her out of the house. He thinks if he leaves Nandini alone, then Rajdeep will chase her and trouble. He doesn’t want Rajdeep to get any chance to push Nandini in depression again. He feels Rajdeep is a criminal and he doesn’t deserve to be with Nandini. Nandini thinks of Rajdeep’s apology. She gets believing him again. Kunal doesn’t want Nandini to trust Rajdeep, as he is an evil-minded man.


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