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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Rajdeep meets Nandini and Kunal at the bank. He behaves nicely with her and tries to convince her to return home. Kunal gets angry on Rajdeep and calls him a criminal. Kunal’s friend happens to be the bank manager. He calms down Kunal and reminds the bank rules. He tells Kunal that Rajdeep is the joint owner of Nandini’s locker and he has a right to access the locker, so he can’t be thrown out. Nandini receives a shock on seeing Rajdeep and gets scared. Rajdeep tells Nandini that he has changed now and he wants her back. He returns the jewelry to her. He tells her that she has the right on her jewelry. Nandini and Kunal don’t understand why Rajdeep is behaving such good.


After Daksh uses a media reporter against Anika, he makes Shivay believe that Anika is just after his money. He tarnishes Anika’s good image in Shivay’s eyes to teach her a lesson. Shivay learns that Anika has passed the video to the reporter to ease out money from Oberois by putting their pride at stake. Shivay can’t believe it at first, but when Daksh cries out fake stories about Anika’s greed to him, he gets convinced that Anika is wrong. Daksh carefully observes Anika and tells Shivay everything that Anika has told him already. He tells Shivay that Anika tries the same things with every guy to gain sympathy. Shivay angrily fires Anika from work. He assures Priyanka that he will manage everything so that the wedding takes place smoothly.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Mandira and Bulbul have a clash. Mandira has forcibly married Vijay. She has an agenda to throw out Bulbul from the house. She gets a huge portrait of Vijay and her. She has thrown out Badi Dadi from the house, after getting slapped. She becomes the head of the house. She removes Prabhat’s picture from the wall. Bulbul opposes her and asks her not to anger the family. Mandira tells Vijay that she will throw everyone out if they come in her way, she loves his family, but can’t tolerate their rebel. Mandira acts like a queen. Vijay gets helpless seeing everything. He can’t stop Mandira because of Vasu.


Aditya gets an electric shock while saving Zoya. He gets injured. Zoya gets caring for him. She applies the balm on his back. Zoya worries for him. She insists him to get the aid done. Aditya asks Zoya to manage the event of his parents anniversary. Zoya’s dad doesn’t want this to happen. He asks Zoya to cancel the deal. Aditya asks him to ask what Zoya wants to do, she is a professional and can decide for her company. Zoya leaves with her dad. Zoya wants to complete the event. She wants to stay in Aditya’s life.

Mayavi Maling:

Angad shows up Haran to Pranali. Haran struggles in the cold captivity. Angad tells Pranali that his motive is to enjoy Haran’s killing in front of her. Pranali asks Angad not to kill Haran. Angad misunderstands her and thinks she has feelings for Haran. He angrily takes her away. Pranali informs Shil Aditya that Haran is captive and his life is in danger. Shil Aditya decides to find Haran before Angad kills him. Pranali tells him that she remembers the route by which Angad took her to the secret cave. She follows her heart and the route marks to reach the cave. Pranali gets a huge shock on seeing Haran facing death.

Krishna Chali London:

Radhe and Krishna get overjoyed after winning the bike in the competition. They return home before Shukla could figure out their outing. However, Bela understands that Krishna made Radhe take the disguise and trick the family, as she intended to participate in the competition. She exposes Krishna’s move in front of the family and tells them how Radhe supported his wife, by lying to them. Shukla asks Bela if she has any proof to confirm her word. Bela produces the evidence against Radhe and gets him caught in no time. Shukla realizes that Krishna and Radhe participated in the competition and questions them if they is true.


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