Ishqbaaz and Mariam Khan Reporting LIVE: Anika’s disguise and Mariam’s mischief

Ishqbaaz: Anika gets motivated to inspire Shivay

Ishqbaaz: Shivay throws out Anika from the house. Anika and Gauri get packing their bags again. Anika is troubled thinking of Priyanka’s future. Gauri asks her the reason for leaving. Anika doesn’t tell her anything. Daksh has plotted against Anika to throw her out of their lives. He succeeds by using the emotional confession made by Shivay. Anika sticks to her duty and tries to send a letter for Priyanka. She hopes Priyanka reads the letter and learns Daksh’s truth. She soon realizes Priyanka didn’t read the letter. She doesn’t want Priyanka to marry the bad guy Daksh. Anika decides to take a disguise and enter Oberoi mansion. Guards are commanded not to allow Anika inside. Anika changes her avatar to get an entry. She adopts a completely different look and doesn’t get identified by Shivay. She manages to enter the house. She fools Khanna and gets in to meet Priyanka. She hopes Priyanka will believe her word and break the alliance.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:


Mariam returns home. She does mischief again. She does painting on everyone’s face and makes them cartoons. Everyone laughs seeing each other. They like Mariam’s mischief, which they missed in the last few days. Mahira runs after Mariam. Mariam makes everyone smile. Later, Mariam gets upset over her camera breaking. Majaaz finds her sad and asks the reason. She asks him to get the camera fixed. He promises to do that. He wants Mariam to always stay happy and smiling. Mariam joins her friends back. She wants to click some pictures. She waits for her camera to get repaired soon. Majaaz tells her that he will teach her to click pictures without the camera. She gets puzzled. He tells her that she can click pictures by her eyes and save in her memory, which is as simple as any game. She gets happy by Majaaz’s new trick.

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